How a combi oven can improve overall workflow in your kitchen

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The commercial kitchen is a theatre and needs to be kept running smoothly to allow every chef to perform their role. In the high-energy, high-stakes environment of a commercial kitchen, workflow is what enables chefs to be efficient and produce food to a consistently high standard.

When chefs do need to cross from one part of the kitchen to another, whether they’re going to the cool room or grabbing something from the pantry, do they have a clear path? A kitchen where chefs have to squeeze past equipment or other staff members is not only inconvenient, it can also be dangerous.

Today, we explore how just one crucial appliance could make (or break) the workflow of the kitchen: the combi oven

Maximise workflow in the kitchen: The Convotherm 4 EasyTouch

One of the key factors to managing workflow in the kitchen is to ensure staff have adequate space to work. But kitchens only have so much space, so you have to make do with what you have. This means, maximising workflow boils down to having the right baking and cooking technologies at your chefs disposal.

A state-of-the-art combi oven has multiple functions built into one product. Of course, less equipment provides kitchens with more space to operate and stay organised. Turn to the Convotherm 4 easytouch models such as the C4EST 10.10 CD - 11 tray combi from the range. What does this mean for your kitchen? It means you have the answer to workflow efficiency problems - its ergonomic benefits give chefs more space to move around and even produce more delectable creations.

Take the patented disappearing door, a feature that comes as standard throughout the Convotherm EasyTouch range and providing kitchens with more manoeuvrability. The concept is simple, after opening the door slides away into the space next to the appliance. This means the combi-steamers deliver greater freedom of movement and, with far less risk from the hot interior of the door, greater safety – perfect for even in the smallest of kitchens.

This oven's full-touchscreen technology provides chef's with the latest touch controls on a nine-inch display with configurable user interface. With a two year warranty, the advanced closed system advantage, and ease in programmability with easytouch control panel, you can't go wrong with this oven in your commercial kitchen. Just see for yourself:

The Convotherm 4 Combi Oven

The Convotherm 4 range of combi steamers brings style into the professional commercial kitchen. From first glance, this oven combines world-class technology with user-friendly, ergonomic and hygienic design. All models share the same logical and intuitive system of operation: a real plus in the often hectic daily life of food service.

Convotherm 4’s range of combi steamers includes seven sizes of ovens, each with six different model options. The result is a combination of functional versatility and consistent design that is revolutionary in this product category.

When you buy a Convotherm, you get the peace of mind that comes with a reliable brand, but in order to maintain a high level of quality from each unit, you do need to give each unit the right amount of care and attention. Backed by the Moffat's 24/7 to make sure that your combi and the entire kitchen is sturdy enough to handle even the busiest of service.

If you want more information on the Convotherm 4 easytouch, or any other products that will help improve the workflow of your commercial kitchen, contact us today. We'd love to walk you through the details!


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