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Take advantage of the many benefits a MISA Modular Cool and Freezer Room System offers.


A Safe Solution — particularly against fire

MISA high density MSV patented polyurethane panel system:
• Uses self-extinguishing foam • Environmental friendly
• HFC & CFC free • Holds no moisture

Many cool and freezer rooms on the market are made of polystyrene panel (EPS). EPS can absorb and hold over 40% of moisture such as fat, oil and water from a kitchen environment, which can make them highly flammable.

Statistics show that there is a fire incident every three weeks in Australasia for rooms using EPS material. MISA is a fire safe product, using non-absorbent, self-extinguishing foam.

Superior Finish — makes it extremely hardwearing

MISA polyurethane panels are plastic powder coated and not pre-painted, making the panels:
• Scratch resistance • Longer lasting
• Adhere strongly • Ideal for food storage

Quick Assembly — saves time and money

MISA patented “fast fit” twin hook CAMLOCK system requires no sealants, so rooms can be easily assembled and disassembled. Two people can assemble a typical room in 2.5 hours, rather than 1 day for a non-modular room, providing installation savings of up to AU$715 when completed by a trained installer in ideal conditions.

Comprehensive Options — will suit almost any location

• MISA Modular panel systems are available in three widths: 400mm, 800mm and 1200mm, and four room heights: 2m, 2.4m, 2.8m to 3.2m
• The MISA KLC system is available in approximately 200 different room size combinations, ranging from
• 1.2m × 1.2m × 2m up to 8m × 8m × 3.2m (w × d × h).

Heavy Duty Floor — durable and long lasting

MISA insulated roll in floor systems are made from reinforced galvanised steel with an anti-slip coating.

They are capable of a 4000kg/m3 static load durability and 250kg roll in trolley. Many competing products have a walk in floor with a static load durability of 1500kg/m3.

An existing insulated concrete ground floor can be utilised by incorporating a high-density plastic “U” channel for affixing and sealing walls, making the most of an existing floor infrastructure.

High Ambient Temperature — ideal for difficult climatic conditions

The MISA cool and freezer rooms can be fitted with Tropical 43°C ambient rated and special designed integral MISA Freeblock condensing unit.

The Unique Freeblock — easy to install and relocate

The MISA Freeblock condensing unit and evaporator are constructed in a one-piece MVS panel that easily locks into place in a matter of minutes using the MISA CAMLOCK system.

Ideal for Tight Spaces — overcome assembly restrictions

MISA Modular panel system can be constructed inside of the room itself, therefore requiring less physical space during construction.

Improved Efficiency — real savings on power

MISA 100mm polyurethane panels (for both cool and freezer rooms) are up to 50% more efficient when operating in 43°C and 75% RH ambient, compared to 75mm and 80mm EPS panel systems.

Easy To Clean — resulting in better food hygiene

Internal and external rounded corner designs and unique integrated ensure an easy to clean surface for superior food grade sanitation.

Useful Door Extras — with options to suit your specific needs

MISA doors have a key lock fitted, an internal safety release, illuminated handles and a safety alarm bell as standard.

MISA freezer doors have a heated doorframe, sill, port relief valves and an electrical controller box for ease of connection.

• Heated wires in the door can be replaced easily without the need to replace the whole door.
• A variety of door options are available including sliding doors, glass door inserts, hinged doors, hatch doors, French doors and strip curtains.

A Solution for Large Projects — expandable to suit large requirements

A MISA BETA Industrial Panel system is available for larger projects, for example within the mining, cold store and supermarket sectors. MISA is an ISO 9001 Certified Quality System.

• Peace of mind — backed by SKOPE’s superior warranty programme
• 2-year warranty on all parts and labour if installed by SKOPE qualified MISA installers.

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