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Electrolux High Performance Dishwashing Every hospitality business needs a great dishwasher

Every hospitality business needs great performance from their dishwasher. The plates, cupware and cutlery have to be not just clean but also sanitised at the correct temperatures.

Electrolux Professional undercounter dishwashers are an ideal solution for demanding customers requiring high performance and low running costs.

Electrolux offers the maximum in washing results while providing reliable dishwashing operation. From small to medium sized cafes and restaurants seeking an economic performance unit, to healthcare and childcare facilities, they all demand exceptional result.


Electrolux has your warewashing undercounter solution. Electrolux offers best-in-class washing and rinsing performance with total detergent removal.

Excellent washing and rinsing performance with total detergent removal. The ideal dishwasher for cleaning plates, cups, utensils, trays, gastronorm containers and cutlery.


Less water, energy, detergent and rinse aid consumption for lower running costs and less impact on environment.

Silent Running

Best-in-class for low noise level thanks to the double skin insulated wall.

Low Running Costs

Experience the 20% running costs reduction versus standard machines in the market and share the commitment of the latest generation of Electrolux Undercounter dishwashers for a better environment.

Protecting your Business

WASH•SAFE CONTROL: the rinse quality is guaranteed thanks to the constant rinsing temperature of 84°C and the water pressure which is independent from the mains.

Sanitized plates are the best guarantee for hygiene and Electrolux Professional knows the importance of providing a total detergent removal in the rinsing phase to fulfil best-in-class safety requirements.

The most dangerous groups of bacteria find their ideal conditions for growth in an environment with a temperature between 20° and 60° (max 75°). Therefore, the constant rinsing temperature of 84°C (see below) assures perfect hygienic conditions

Small and medium sized restaurants

High performing dishwashers, the perfect choice for restaurants with a large turnover of customers needing to provide rapid quality service.

Small and medium sized restaurants Small and medium sized restaurants

Small and medium sized hotels The ideal solution for small and medium sized kitchens

Small and medium sized hotels

The ideal solution for small and medium sized kitchens which have to satisfy various customer requirements from room service to fine dining.

Quick service restaurants, pubs and bars

Ideal when a quick and dynamic service is required for kitchens that have a limited time to prepare and serve meals.

QSR's, pubs and bars QSR's, pubs and bars

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