Healthy Food Craze Forcing Australian Restaurants To Adapt

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More restaurants are incorporating health food into their menus as Australians become increasingly more concerned with the nutritional content of their food, according to the latest Hospitality Industry Success Index (HISI).

Healthy Food

The latest HISI Report, which sources information from nearly 7,503 hospitality businesses and 202 detailed surveys, was commissioned by ASX-listed equipment finance company Silver Chef Limited.

The report revealed that 70% of hospitality business owners had added health foods to their menus during the past 12 months.

Silver Chef Founder and Executive Chairman Allan English said the hospitality industry was undergoing a "significant transformation".

"We are not only seeing more healthy menu options in restaurants and cafes, but we’re also seeing more businesses specialising in areas like raw foods, acai bowls and vegetarian and paleo-friendly meals," he said. "There definitely seems to be a consumer demand for healthier dishes and business owners are taking note,""

He said a business’s ability to adapt to changing market conditions would be a key driver of its future success in the hospitality industry.

"Understanding the shifts in consumer behavior and identifying and acting on key trends will allow them to turn initial challenges into rewards that drive growth," he said.

"Our clients also find that funding their kitchen equipment through Silver Chef not only protects their cash flow, but provides them with the flexibility to update their equipment to diversify menus based on consumer trends. It enables them to cater to the market’s needs,""

Silver Chef’s Rent-Try-Buy® Solution allows operators to trial the equipment in their business first and purchase or upgrade at any time, as well as return what they don’t need after 12 months.

This agreement also allows customers to top up their equipment for free if they didn’t get everything they needed the first time around.

Other highlights from HISI included:

  • • 41% of Silver Chef customers come from a non-hospitality background, such as media, finance and the arts
  • • 67% took less than six months from concept to completion
  • • Only 8% said they were under budget for their fit-out & setup costs
  • • 70% have incorporated health related foods into their menu
  • • 48% don’t currently allow for mobile bookings
  • • 60% are looking to expand their business in the next 12 to 24 months

For further information and to download the report and happy reading!

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