Hand washing has never been more important


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Handwashing is the New Normal Handwashing is the New Normal

We all work in an industry where hand washing was drilled into us as an important part of the hygiene standards. Yet, at the same time, we allowed customers to enter our premises without that same requirement for the cleansing of hands???

The Prime Minister, Mr Morrison made clear on Thursday the major measures combating coronavirus would continue until at least the end of September, and that the public would be urged to keep washing their hands and maintaining safe distances from each other long after that.

And, I suspect that given how this virus has spread, and whether it is made mandatory or obligatory, the way that we allow customers to enter our place of business may have changed forever. I see a day when, as part of the initial design process, hand washing or sanitising stations will be permanently located at the front doors of all premises and before patrons can enter they will be required to cleanse or wash their hands.

I was in Japan at the beginning of Coronavirus pandemic [at end of January] and already restaurants in the village where we stayed were introducing these measures.

Here are a couple of hygiene stations that may well become industry standards from this day on.

Eswood Mobile Hand Wash Station

  • Easy to use – fill with water and plug in
  • No plumbing required
  • Provides 60+ hand washes per fill
  • Full stainless steel structure
  • 2 mobile storage tanks (20L capacity)
  • Photo-electric foot sensor operation
  • No hands required
  • Standard 240V power entry
  • Splashback with soap and hand towel placements
  • Rear wheels and push handle for easy mobility
  • Product ...

    Eswood Hand Washing Station

    Stoddart Hand Sanistiser Stand and Dispensers

    Stoddart Hand Sanistiser Stand and Dispensers

  • 300mm W x 400mm D x 1446mm H
  • Anti-Tip base
  • Designed to suit Stoddart HSD.STS.001
  • Suits other manufacturer dispensers
  • Easy to Clean
  • Hygienic stainless steel surfaces
  • Product ...

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