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Bromic Medical Fridges and Vaccine Fridges Medical fridges keep vaccines consistently at correct temperatures

With the impact of COVID-19, the demand for Medical Fridges and Vaccine Fridges has never been greater. Here at SCK we are receiving enquiries and orders almost every day for these vital pieces of equipment.

Our supplier Bromic Refrigeration has given me this guide for purchasing a vaccine fridge to help my customers make a choice.

5 Year Warranty

When you purchase your Bromic Medical Fridge through Sydney Commercial Kitchens you receive a 5 year warranty, while through most other purchase channels you will only get a two year warranty.

What is an extra 3 years peace of mind worth to you?

What to look for?

It is critical for the correct medical fridges to be chosen for storing vaccines, especially during the flu season. Whilst coronavirus continues to play a major role in all our thoughts the correct storing of vaccines will be in all medical practitioners’ priority list.

As the impact of COVID-19 continues throughout Australia and beyond, the increase in demand for medical fridges and vaccine chillers will certainly be a focus. Hospitals treating Coronavirus patients will need to stock, store and administer more medicines due to the increase number of patients.

Additionally, winter is likely to see a jump in number of people getting the flu vaccine. Demand will be high this year therefore, medical practitioners will need to ensure their practice is equipped with enough temperature controlled storage space to administer the vaccine to their patients.

Now is the time to consider refrigerators suitable for storing vaccines. As vaccines are susceptible to both elevated heat and extreme cold which, can render the vaccines either less effective or in a worst-case scenario unsafe, it is important to use a unit specifically designed to combat these issues.

Bromic undertook extensive product development following QCPP guidelines to ensure we produced a range of medical fridges that will keep the temperature of vaccines consistently between 2° and 8°C.

Bromic vaccine chillers include:

  • • Dual temperature probes to ensure even cooling throughout the unit
  • • Precise digital controllers for accurate temperature control
  • • Cold zone buffer plates to prevent produce being pushed into cooling areas
  • • Double glazed safety glass to reduce heat transfer into the unit and increase energy efficiency
  • • Self-closing doors with alarms should the door closing be impeded
  • • Audible safety alarms should the unit fall or rise out of the designated temperature zone
  • • Ability to be connected to a BMS
  • • Door locks to keep the medicines safe
  • • Commercial sized compressors that can bring the unit back down to temp quickly when the door has been opened multiple times
  • • Combine with our USB data logger to ensure Cold Chain is kept and recorded.

Choosing between models

Sizing the correct medical or chiller unit for your business is very important not just to look at the volume of vaccines you need to store but, also consider the following factors:

  • 1. Leave enough room around each vaccine to ensure an even airflow can circulate, eliminating any possible hotspots
  • 2. Consider the number of different vaccines each chiller is to hold and the ease of which you will need to access them
  • 3. The site in which the unit will need to go.

Bromic offers three sizes ranging from our 140L under counter unit that allows for discrete storage up to our 372L Upright display unit with 6 shelves for larger scale storage.

Explore your options, find the right medical fridge that will always serve your needs and store medicines and vaccines correctly.

Why Bromic?

What you get when you buy from Bromic is piece of mind. We are a long-standing Australian company with a 20-year history in supplying commercial refrigeration to the medical market. We have a team of engineers who ensure all our products not only meet Australian standards but, are also consistently quality checked to ensure product reliability.

Their medical fridges also come with Bromic’s market leading Extra Care warranty service at no extra cost. It gives your confidence you have purchased a medical fridge or vaccine chiller with the promise to support your business should the unexpected ever happen.

The Bromic team are committed to continue operating during these uncertain times. To ensure we can serve our customers and the healthcare community when they need us most, call us on 1300 276 642 to speak to your local sales representative or click here for a call back.

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