Grange foodservice equipment

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Throughout the Grange range you will find durable products with industry standard features at an industry beating price, here is a rare opportunity to get the maximum from the budget you have for new equipment.

Grange commercial food equipment offers you affordable – quality equipment – supported by our comprehensive ‘when you need it’ service and repair. We don’t see our service function as just providing service we aim for customer satisfaction.

Sourced globally, delivered and supported locally, the Grange Equipment range gives you the chance to keep your business profitable and stay ahead of your competition. GRANGE products offer you one sure thing – great value for money

Grange foodservice equipment

Product lines include:


The GRANGE range of GRB gravity fed belt drive slicers are a perfect slicer for caters demanding precision slicing for their restaurants and small / medium kitchens.

Cutter Mixers

The Grange Cutter Mixer has a heavy duty electrical motor for fast and efficient chopping, slicing, blending and mixing of a wide range of foods.

Tomato Slicers

The GRANGE tomato slicer is a must for busy catering or fastfood retail outlets where a consistent tomato slice is needed – slice up to 500 tomatoes per hour with a choice of slicer offering 4 mm or 5.5 mm slice thickness.

Patty Maker

The HF hamburger patty presses are a must for all outlets where a quick simple process is required to form hamburgers with the separators included.

The separators are held in the upper storage dish and the operator just places a separator in the pressing dish, put on the meat ball and pull the lever down!

It’s that simple, when you return the lever to the start position the fully formed hamburger can be removed and you’re ready to make the next one.

All parts in contact with the meat are made from stainless steel and are easily removed for cleaning without the need for tools.


The slim line manual wrapper is a must for use in all sorts of food packaging operations such as bakeries, greengrocers, butchers, sandwich bars also commercial and institutional kitchens.

Food Processors

This Benchtop processor is designed for slicing; grating; dicing, julienne and chipping. Easy to use for all types of fruits, vegetables and cheese.

Designed for moderate to high-volume use in larger restaurants, supermarkets, delicatessens and pizza shops.

Planetary Mixers

The GRANGE range of fully functional mixers provides capacities from 7 ltr up to 20 ltr bowl capacity (dry ingredient capacities from 2 kg up to 5 kg) included with each mixer is a selection of mixing tools.

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