Goldstein 800 PF Series Performance Boiling Tops

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The Goldstein 800 PF Series Performance Cook Tops are part of the modular family of Goldstein Equipment.

With the Performer Range you get precision control and efficient distribution of oven temperatures. Instant top heat whether open top burners, griddle plates or hot top sections are selected.

Scientifically engineered construction will be found in all series of the Performer Range, including the modular units required for your own particular style of operaiton. They are available with solid even heat trivets that are interchangeable with open burner trivets.

The top cooking trivets are cast iron with built in spillage bowls designed to give greater fuel economy [up to 20%] and complete pilot protection.

Models include:

GOLDSTEIN 2 Burner Boiling Top PFB-12
GOLDSTEIN 4 Burner Boiling Top PFB-24
GOLDSTEIN 6 Burner Boiling Top PFB-36
GOLDSTEIN 8 Burner Boiling Top PFB-48
GOLDSTEIN 2 Burner Cook Top + Griddle PFB-12G-2
GOLDSTEIN 2 Burner Cook Top + Griddle PFB-24G-2
GOLDSTEIN 4 Burner Cook Top + Griddle PFB-24G-4
GOLDSTEIN 2 Burner Cook Top + Griddle PFB-36G-2

PF Series Specifications:
  • Proudly Australian made.
  • All welded frame of heavy steel for rigidity and permanen alignment.
  • Construction is 1.6mm steel, including all linings.
  • Oven bottoms are 2mm steel with raised sides and back to catch spillovers. A 2mm steel baffle protects oven bottoms from direct burner flame.
  • Oven interior is completely porcelain enamelled, easy to clean, prevents rusting, Gastronorm sized.
  • Flame failure to 20mm griddle plate standard equipment with efficient H-type cast iron burners.
  • Large capacity, fully insulated and sealed ovens designed for even distribution of heat. Ovens are ample in size for large baking and roasting pans.
  • Satellite cast iron open top burners evenly and efficiently distribute heat at 26Mj each.
  • Heavy duty cast iron burners each rated at 32Mj per hour.
  • Thermostats are located out of the heat zone for accurate temperatures.
  • 100% automatic oven safety pilots are standard equipment for positive oven lighting.
  • Spring balanced oven doorconstruction for trouble free operation.
  • 2 chrome plated oven racks are supplied as standard. Non tilting with rear plate guard.
  • Oven base is easily removable for cleaning.
  • Rear gas or bottom entry connections are standard.
  • Optional extra flame failure open burners.

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