Fully immersed in the kitchen


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Fully immersed in the kitchen

Stick blenders are also known as immersion blenders, power mixers or hand held blenders and are a vaulable asset in any commercial kitchen.

They can be used to blend ingredients or purée food in the container in which they are being prepared. Uses include puréeing soups and emulsifying sauces.

A stick blender comprises an electric motor driving rotating cutting blades at the end of a shaft which can be immersed in the food being blended, inside a housing which can be held by hand. They are ideal for mixing of foods contained in pots while cooking on a stove top.     

Remember, with a Robot Coupe Power Mixer whatever their size, you can mix, blend, emulsify and whip in no time at all. Their performance in terms of hygiene, ease of use, versatility, durability and return on investment makes them the best choice for your kitchen.

Robot Coupe Power Mixers

This month, March 2022, Robot Coupe have au upgrade deal on some of their range of excellent stick blenders.

Buy a Mini MP160VV and be upgraded to a Mini MP190VV, SAVE $120.00 on Retail Pricing

Buy a CMP250VV and be upgraded to a CMP300VV, SAVE $120.00 on Retail Pricing

Buy a MP350 ULTRA and be upgraded to a MP450 ULTRA, SAVE $150.00 on Retail Pricing

Robot Coupe Power Mixers

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