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Now its easy to be greenBeing green isn't just good for the environment, it's good for business too.Across the country, and around the world, smart businesses are discovering the benefits of having an integrated sustainability strategy. By incorporating sustainability solutions from the Green Skills Institute into your workplace now, your business will start saving immediately and be well placed to make the transition to meet future energy and carbon regulations.The Green Skills Institute is now offering Green Chef Workshops.Step into a commercial kitchen and you can literally see and feel the energy being consumed. As commercial property goes, these kitchens are the most energy and resource hungry users around. Electricity, gas and water are an integral part of the operation and with the cost of each steadily increasing, the food service industry is seeing profits eroded. However GSI can help your business and your employees gain a better understanding of how to work and operate more efficiently to reign in these costs.Green Chef is an energy efficiency training program for the restaurant and catering industry that can deliver bottom line cost reductions in electricity, gas and water; employee behavioural change to save over the long-term and a tailored policies and procedures manual that will embed sustainability into everyday work practices.The three levels of training each target a specific group depending upon their roles and responsibilities.BasicProvides an overview of how energy is consumed in commercial kitchens and how changes in awareness and behaviour can reduce energy consumption. Target audience: all front of house and back of house staff. Training includes a 2.5 - 3 hr seminar.IntermediateIncorporates all the elements of Green Chef Basic, but also address the issues of best practice kitchen management as well as ongoing energy monitoring and management. Target audience: Executive Chef's, Sous Chef's, Floor Supervisors and Managers. Training includes a full day seminar.AdvancedFocuses on the basic principles of Kitchen Audit, Appliance Purchasing Criteria and Principles of Efficient Kitchen Design. Target audience: decision makers such as purchasing managers, operations managers and general managers. Training includes 2 x Full Day's training.Register for a Green Chef workshop

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