Forget tasteless tofu, uninspired pasta and questionable meat substitutes

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The top 10 restaurants for vego-focused food in Adelaide

image by Matt Turner

FORGET tasteless tofu, uninspired pasta and questionable meat substitutes. Modern “vegetarian” is exciting. It’s thick-cut cauliflower steaks doused in brown butter and tahini. It’s broth so rich in umami you’d swear it’d been simmered with bones but instead has the Japanese seasoning, miso, to thank. It’s exotic mushroom dumplings, glorious grain salads and spice-spiked stews.

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Are you following the latest dining trends?

image from National Restaurant Association

DINERS continue to embrace modern Australian menus for the third year running, according to research into Aussies' dining habits nationwide.

Online booking platform Dimmi released its annual Dimmi Australian Dining Index last week.


A recipe to abolish no-shows

Dimmi takes a stand against no shows

No-shows are an accepted part of life, but the problem with the current booking methods in the restaurant industry is that they cause restaurants to bleed money. As it stands 3% of all bookings end in a no-show – and a big loss in profit.

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Top 10 trends we’re seeing in the Aussie restaurant industry

1. Market down: overall the market dropped by 2.4% with the ACT, QLD and VIC feeling the pinch the most

2. Double sittings: two sittings, not one, is now common practice for restaurants. Say goodbye to the much-loved 7:30pm dining slot Australia.

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