Flake ice is perfect for displaying food


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Flake ice is perfect for displaying food Flake ice is versatile

Icematic: Flake Ice Machines

CastelMAC, the manufacturer of Icematic Ice Makers, is known as a leader in the production of ice makers. In part this is due to their understanding of the importance of ice to any number of businesses.

Flake ice is a very versatile product with many applications across multiple industries. Flake ice helps conserve and display fresh fish, can be used in hospitals and it even has a role for butchers during the production of sausages and bread to chill the mix.

Icematic machines create flake ice in two different variations: Flake and Super-flake.

Flake ice contains has a 25% residual water content, which makes it very moist. The flake shape makes it extremely versatile and very simple to use effectively.

Super-flake ice is more compact and is extruded at temperatures just below 0° Celsius. Super-Flake ice only retains 15-18% of the residual water, which makes it dryer than Flake ice and ideal then for displaying foods, especially seafood, super-flake ice lasts much longer, releasing moisture over a longer period of time without the need for ice replenishment on the display counter.

Flake ice is great for displaying foodFish looks amazing when displayed on a bed of flake ice

"Flake Ice is ice in its most natural form, made at a temperature just below zero degrees Celsius, it is the easiest to use and arrange on flat surfaces"

Scots Ice Australia

The Icematic range of flake ice machines offers a wide range of production sizes, starting at 80kg and go all the way up to 2,000kg.

The F Series (flake ice) range of machines are availabe as self contained units or high production modular units to be matched with a suitable storage bin while the SF Series (super flake ice) are available in high production modular units only, to be matched with a suitable storage bin.

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