5 Keys for Restaurant Opening a Success


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Five Keys To Making Your Restaurant Opening a Success

In the U.S. alone, there are over one million restaurants, totaling $799 billion in sales each year. And with consumers spending more money than ever dining out, a new restaurant opening is an important addition to any neighborhood.

But with new openings happening every week, how can restaurant owners make their business opening stand out from the crowd, and lead them to future success in their market?

Before your restaurant opens, it's essential to start creating a buzz to connect with future guests. Whether through social media, public relations or a big event or stunt, marketing will help drive interest and build your restaurant fans even before the doors open.

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Five Keys To Making Your Restaurant Opening a Success Original story on modernrestaurantmanagement.com

Southern Hospitality, a major supplier of cooking equipment, has gone into administration. Original story on goodfood.com.au

Southern Hospitality exits Australia

The local implosion of Southern Hospitality has sent shockwaves through an industry already spooked by a tough 2018.

While Southern Hospitality tried to position themselves as the market leader, the real truth is that they were buying their market share through heavily discounted prices. Clearly this strategy did not work! Their model was unsustainable at any level.

If your company has been effected by this closure, Sydney Commercial Kitchens, which has been in business over 20 years, can help. Call us!

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4 Pressing Issues Owners Face When Running a Restaurant

A study from the Ohio University states that, within the first five years, 80% of restaurants fail and, within the first year of business, 60% of restaurants either fail or change ownership.

But those that make the 5-year mark, have a 90% chance of surviving the competitive business for 10 years.

On top of these, restaurants face many challenges in the food service industry.

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4 Pressing Issues Owners Face When Running a Restaurant Original story on t2conline.com

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