Fine Food Australia is back in Melbourne. In Sept. Are you going?

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Fine Food Australia is back in Melbourne. In Sept. Are you going?

I enjoyed & learnt so much walking round Fine Food in Sydney Last year.

It's time to make plans to get to Fine Food Australia in Melbourne

Fine Food Australia is back in Melbourne. In Sept. Are you going?

It's all about Food

As it say on there website //


“A respected trade exhibition with 32 years experience in the food industry, Fine Food Australia is dedicated to giving your business the edge it needs to innovate and grow. With over 1,000 exhibitors and a raft of industry experts offering seminars and demonstrations, you never know what will inspire your next great idea.”
Fine Food Australia return to Melbourne from the 12-15 September at the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre

9 reasons why you should get to Fine Food Australia in Melbourne

If you have anything to do with food then you should get along to Fine Food Australia.

For those who are not sure if going to Melbourne Fine Food is a Good investment. I thought I'd share the 9 reasons why you need to book a ticket.

  1. Where else you compare Commercial Kitchen Equipment going Mano a Mano. - There 920 exhibitors going head to head showing you the latest in Equipment, Technology, Food Trends & catch up on the Industry News...
  2. Set your business apart by finding unique produce, equipment and ideas to boost your bottom line. You will find 1000's of products on display, Fine Food Australia is your very own, specially tailored opportunity to see, taste and discover all the very latest local and international foodservice innovations...
  3. The foodservice industry have put together a series interactive session designed to help every facet of the industry make the most of their experience.You will find plenty of exciting industry recognised competitions, live demonstrations, masterclasses, interactive experiences and new seminars & panel discussions by industry experts and leaders...
  4. Fine Food Australia is Australia's largest international food marketplace, and this year you'll be tempted and inspired by fresh local produce brought from all over the country. Fine Food Australia provides exporters with the opportunity to meet face-to-face, tell their brand stories, learn about global trends and create mutually profitable business links...
  5. MEALS on WHEELS - A new fleet of mobile food businesses, food trucks, have shaped a new vibrant food scene around the world. This evolution of foodservice has seen food entrepreneurs avoiding costs associated with brick and mortar establishments, or simply creating an additional revenue stream, by bringing customers meals on wheels...
  6. Fine Food Australia - Food Reinvented

  7. Food Reinvented - Food, glorious food - it's not just a necessity but an endless creative outlet for foodies and chefs to fuss over with reinventions of all kinds. From coffee to herbs, various food and drinks are undergoing resurgence in popularity - or experiencing their first time in the spotlight - thanks to the ever changing ways of presenting food to customers. Here's a list of some of our finest food that's been reinvented. Want to get inspired or find the tools to make your very own gourmet creation?...
  8. Food wastage in our industry is a not a new problem - but what is relatively new is the growing movement to do something about it. With statistics evidencing that Australians throw away $8 billion worth of edible food each year, this problem creates methane, as well as the wasted money and resources used to grow, process, package and transport our food. It's not rocket science to figure out that something needs to change...
  9. Fine Food Australia - Diet Food

  10. Catering to diets en vogue is a task unto itself these days. It's no longer just a matter of catering to meat eaters and vegetarians; there's gluten-free, vegan, pescatarian and flexitarian (What? Read on to find out!). And to add to the confusion, each dietary restriction seems to come with the search for local produce, organic or high carb, dairy free, or low fat options. To keep this milieu of meal requests simple, we've broken down the top ten diet trends of 2016...
  11. Pizza with the lot - For the first time, the Australian arm of the World Pizza Championships will invite international competitors to travel for a slice of the action. Pizzaiolo from France, Mauritius, New Zealand, and Korea are confirmed to attend...

There's heaps more reasons why you should go Find Food Australia 12-15 September at the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre.

Find Food Australia 12-15 September at the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre,

Go to // & book your ticket.

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