Fast Food Report HISI 2015

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The last five years have seen a dramatic shift in our fast food and take-away industry: traditional, high-fat fast food has fallen in revenue, while premium and healthier options gain increasing popularity with consumers.

Fast Food HISI Report 2015

This rise in health consciousness in society has spawned a flurry of new operators entering the market, offering higher quality, and healthier options with less fat, sugar and salt content.

This segment also faces intense competition from supermarkets offering healthy options for pre-prepared meals for added convenience.

With only a modest increase in venue numbers over the last five years, this industry segment is considered to be saturated and at a mature stage.

In a bid to boost revenue during this same period, business owners clung to marketing promotions like a life raft, with offers such as ‘Buy two entrees, get one free’ and ‘Half-price meals’ available at every opportunity.

Unfortunately, this strategy of always discounting the product simply served to sacrifice profit margins, and ultimately reduced a customer’s average spend.

As consumers place an increasing importance on health and wellbeing, venues that compliment traditional fast food options with premium quality ingredients will reap the benefits.

Often these premium quality products attract a higher price point that consumers are more than willing to pay, which assists with supporting profit margins.

Fast Food HISI Report 2015

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Article source: Silver Chef, and the Hospitality Industry Success Index Report 2015.

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