FAGOR VISUAL CHILL blast-chiller

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Introducing the new range of Fagor Visual Chill blast chillers.

One year ago Fagor set themselves the objective of obtaining a more user-friendly control while also offering improved features for their blast chillers. However, this is only just the beginning.

Fagor's objective is to become a world reference in the world of blast chillers. To achieve this they continue to rely on user contributions. All the contributions received will be included in the second phase which is currently underway.

Results of the first phase of blast-chillers are:

  • A more attractive blast-chillers
  • More user-friendly control
  • Multilingual (Spanish, English, Italian, Portuguese, German and French)
  • Option to create or save new chill cycles
  • Improved performance
  • New options (heated core probe, HACCP printer)

Features are:

  • More robust controls (membrane control panel), tougher material to prevent liquids from entering.
  • Core probe mounted on standard bracket to make removal easier.
  • The heated probe (optional) is very useful when removing it from large size or density products; by merely pressing a button the probe is heated and can be removed easily.
  • HACCP printer (optional) allows the product temperatures and chill times to be printed in accordance with HACCP regulations. Built-in on the front.
  • Keys giving direct access to chill cycles, reducing the number of steps required to start chill process.

Two types of chill cycle are possible for both refrigeration and for freezing:

1. Hard cycle: For compact products with a thickness of more than 2 cm.

2. Soft cycle: for products with a thickness of less than 2 cm, and low densities. This cycle prevents the formation of frost on the product surface, known as the “igloo effect”, making the correct chilling of the product interior or core impossible.

Advantages in using FAGOR VISUAL CHILL blast chiller

  • It prevents the formation of macrocrystals, maintaining the organoleptic quality unchanged (flavour, colour, smell, vitamins, liquids, weight, …)
  • Saves on staff, as food can be pre-cooked outside peak hours.
  • Permits the option of offering customers a rapidly-served, wide and varied menu
  • Savings in time
  • Savings in money

The Fagor Visual Chill Blast Chiller Models are:

  • ATM-031S
  • ATM-051
  • ATM-101
  • ATM-102

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