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Expand your Cooking Techniques

Turbofan Combi Oven 40 Series Turbofan Combi Oven 40 Series

Turbofan Combi Oven 40 Series

Turbofan 40 Series Combi Ovens are a favourite with chefs. This Combi steamer oven allows for greater precision in the cooking process allowing you to control both the humidity and the temperature. If you know what you want this is how you get it!

The 40 series is designed to give restaurants and cafes the ability to produce a fabulous menu.

Expand your cooking techniques to include both sous vide and slow cooking, all done in the 40 Series combi oven.

You can cook food at lower temperatures and get better cooking results which include retaining flavour and nutrients. Lower temps also allow for less product shrinkage which can save money on food bills.

You can use convection, steam or a combination of both to cook, steam, regenerate or cook overnight.

The Turbofan combi ovens also come with a cleaning function for ease of use.

Get the same perfect result everytime

  • • Roasts: More usable product, that is moist, tender and flavoursome.
  • • BBQ Chickens: retain their size so you finish with a larger, more appealing looking product with no pink meat around the bone.
  • • Cakes: Rise more during the cooking process, and your cakes will have more moisture.
  • • Pastries: Become lighter crispier fluffier
  • • Steaming: Produce all your steam vegetables without any product degradation, no more overcooked product with the loss of nutrients or wastage.
  • • Poaching: cooking perfectly poached fish or delicate desserts every time.

The Science Of Cooking

When food is subjected to heat the molecules inside that food collide, causing friction. It is friction that causes the food to heat internally [rub your hands together and you will see what I mean] and the cooking process has begun. The unfortunate result of the cooking process is that any moisture contained in the food starts moving towards the surface.

A classic example of this would be a steak on the barbeque. As the steak cooks the moisture moves to the surface of the steak. When you flip the steak, the moisture is now at the bottom and directly on the heat source. This moisture is quickly burned off and the more times this procedure is repeated the drier and tougher the steak becomes. We have all been to that barbeque!

One of the reasons that steaks often taste better in restaurants is that the product is generally only turned once during the cooking process and the steak is allowed to rest prior to being serve to the customer. Resting allows for the moisture to slowly work its way back into the steak.

About Combination Steamer Ovens

Steam is one of the most effective styles of cooking as it can penetrate into the product. The cooking process is from inside to outside.

Convection cooking on the other hand cooks from the outside. As the product is exposed to more heat the cooking process then gradually moves inwards to the centre of the product.

The advantage with the introduction of steam into a commercial oven is that the moisture in the chamber allows for the food to be cooked while limiting the reduction of the moisture in the food.

Advantages of Combi - Steam Ovens

There are many benefits for the hospitality operator in owning a Combi - steam oven.

Combi - Steam Ovens allow for greater precision in the cooking process by controlling both the temperature and humidity in the cooking chamber.

You can cook food at lower temperatures and get better product and results, including retaining more of the foods nutrient value. Lower temperatures also allow for less shrinkage of the product you are cooking.

When used correctly, your meats will be more tender, your vegetables more flavoursome and your results generally better and repeatable.

When you use the program features you can achieve standardised performance. One of a Combi Ovens great benefits is that you can have standardised results for every meal produced in your kitchen, from executive chef to apprentice or weekend cook.

You can cook multiple products at the same time without cross contamination of flavours. One of the best examples I have seen was the baking of a whole snapper and a chocolate cake at the same time. The fish was amazing and the chocolate cake only tasted of chocolate. Try that at home and see what happens!

You Get Improved Quality Food With More Flavour

Combi Ovens have a Re-generation capability, allowing you to prepare your weekend meals during the latter part of the working week and use the regeneration facility built into the Combi Ovens programs to reheat these meals, saving your business money on wages without sacrificing food quality. There is no loss of moisture or crispness of the product in this process.

Imagine preparing all the food for that big function during the working week and still producing a better result than food cooked on the day! And reduce the impact of weekend penalty rates from your staffing costs.

Use Cook and Hold features to cook food at lower temperatures overnight and then hold that food at the appropriate temperature for when your staff arrives in the morning.

For hotels, you could also use the Combi to prove croissants and then walk in to your kitchen in the morning and have perfect croissants to serve immediately to your breakfast crowd at the buffet.

Or perhaps you are serving steaks at lunch and dinner. You can use the Cook & Hold feature to slow cook your meat overnight, retaining all the moisture, flavour and nutrients of the product and then bring them up to temperature on the chargrill for serving and perfect presentation.

With the introduction of all the food reality cooking shows on television Sous Vide is gaining a significant foothold in the food industry and Combi Ovens can deliver perfect results.

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