Everyone loves a golden brown waffle


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Everyone loves a golden brown waffleEveryone loves a golden brown waffle

If you are an owner of a restaurant, cafe or a hotel with a busy breakfast buffet your customers all appreciate golden brown waffles. So that your kitchen can make waffles fast to satisfy your customers hearty appetites, a commercial waffle maker is the ideal equipment to meet your needs.

A good commercial waffle maker combines the right amount of heat and cooking time to create the perfect waffle.

It should also be relatively easy to clean.

Below are the brands of waffle bakers that SCK sells.

Anvil Axis Belgian Style Waffle Baker

The Belgian style waffle baker by Anvil is ideal for use in kitchens, coffee shops, outdoor markets and ice cream parlours.

Available in both single and double waffle configuration, they are well priced, easy to use and

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Anvil Belgian Style Waffle BakerAnvil Axis Belgian Style Waffle Baker

Roller Grill Commercial Waffle MakerRoller Grill Commercial Waffle Maker

Roller Grill Commercial Waffle Maker

With 6 Waffle Maker patterns and 11 models to choose from, Roller Grill waffle makers are versatile for all menus and applications.

The ideal snack at any time of the day and appreciated from everybody in the world. The Roller Grill waffle irons accept deep-frozen, frozen pre-cooked waffles or home-made batter.

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Silex Waffle Bakers

Silex Waffle bakers, cone irons and crepe makers are ideal for commercial use and can be found in a range of ice creameries, cafes, kiosks and restaurants nationwide. The quality preserving baking technology found in Silex machines ensures consistency while reducing cooking times to approximately one third in comparison to other methods.

German made, Silex high speed, energy saving waffle makers produce delicious waffles, ice cream cones and crepes every time.

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Silex Waffle BakersSilex Waffle Baker

Waring WW180 Belgian Waffle MakerWaring WW180 Belgian Waffle Maker

Waring WW180 Belgian Waffle Maker

Make your breakfast service an experience to remember with the Waring® WW200 Double Belgian Waffle Maker. Its space-saving vertical design cooks two waffles at a time, so you can make up to 50 thick, delicious waffles per hour.

Triple-coated nonstick surfaces, heavy-duty, die-cast housing, embedded heating elements and a rotary feature ensure even results and quick cleanup.

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Our goal at SCK is to sell you products that add value to your business.

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