Even in the Nullarbor we want Hot Food


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Nullarbor Roadhouse

I was getting hungry. I'd been on the road for just a tick over 7 hours in the middle of the Nullarbor.

I left Iron Knob, 73 km from Port Augusta, early in the morning on my way to Perth.

I knew within the next 15 minutes or so I should see the Nullarbor Roadhouse.

Iron Knob to Nullarbor Roadhouse

Iron Knob to Nullarbor Roadhouse

I was looking forward to stretching my legs & getting a feed.

This was my third visit to this Roadhouse in 6 weeks.

So on the horizon, I see the Mobil sign.

All I could think of was chowing down on a thick juicy steak with all the truckies.

My back was getting stiff. I'd driven 10,177km in the last 6 weeks. Only 1627km to go.

This was my third trip across the Nullarbor.

Just in case you‘re wondering, I'm not a truck driver.

I had just sold my business in Sydney, so I decided to go for a little drive. Road trip. Perth, here I come.

While I was there, I was offered a marketing job in a related industry to the business I had in Sydney.

So after my holiday, I cruised back to Sydney.

Back in Sydney, I packed my car & headed back to Perth.

Driving across the Nullarbor should be on everyone's Bucket List.

I was planning on having a feast because I knew that for the next 470 km driving through Mundrabilla there would not be much on offer ... not until you get to Cocklebiddy.

The truckies love this place because you can grab a hot shower then tuck into freshly cooked food.

Eating at the Nullarbor Roadhouse

Eating at the Nullarbor Roadhouse

Cuddling my piping hot coffee, I waited for my rump steak, chips & salad.

When the meal arrived, it looked like they served it on a truck hubcap. It was massive.

It tasted good. The pepper sauce dribbled down my chin. I bet you weren't expecting that.

Even though this roadhouse is 1070km from Adelaide & 1647 km from Perth, they cook real food.

Let’s face it, it's not like they've got a lot of competition.

“Where else can you watch whales up close, explore historic limestone caves, get views of surreal cliff faces, play a hole on the world’s longest golf course or just relax and watch the beautiful sunset over the Nullarbor Plain?

If you are looking to venture off the beaten track and try something different, visit us! We provide the comfort, fresh food and friendly service you need to fuel your adventure at the Nullarbor. We are proud to be the owners and caretakers of a part of Australian history, and we look forward to sharing it with you as you make your way across the Eyre Highway.”
Tony McFadzean CEO and Part-Owner

So the steak was always going to be a belter.

The steak was just what I needed to give me the energy to get back in the car & just keep driving.

Showered, fed & chilled enough to hit the road. Again.

I jump into the car, activated the cruise control and set off for Cocklebiddy.

Cocklebiddy has gained an international reputation as a site of one of the world's largest cave systems.

Most are under the impression that driving the Nullarbor is a long and boring with nothing to see. Nothing could be further from the truth. The Nullarbor is an outback adventure trail along the Eyre Highway, showcasing the spectacular coastline of the Great Australian Bight, Australian wildlife and the changing landscape along the way.

Check out the Scenery Along the Nullarbor

Eating at the Nullarbor Roadhouse

* Nullarbor Roadhouse at night

Head of Bight, Eyre Peninsula, South Australia

* Head of Bight, Eyre Peninsula, South Australia

Eucla sand dunes, Eucla, Western Australia

* Eucla Sand Dunes, Eucla, Western Australia

Eyre Highway, Western Australia

* Eyre Highway, Western Australia

Cocklebiddy, Here I Come!

You wouldn't call Cocklebiddy gourmet. In fact, most of the food is frozen and then reheated.

You could get a hot chicken roll or hamburger or roast beef & gravy roll.

I think you can see why I stocked up on a big steak.

Everything is trucked in from Perth; the fuel, all the food, etc.

So the servo goes for the easy option of having everything pre-cooked and then reheated when travellers arrive.

Most people aren't in a rush. They have been driving a couple of hours, so they have time to hang around a bit, waiting for something to eat.

Offering pre-heated frozen food works in Cocklebiddy, but it's not very practicable for busy city servos because we’re just in too much of a rush to wait.

Heaps of people are driving on our choked roads. They are pressed for time and they want hot, convenient food.

Serving quick hot food has lots of potential to add extra profits, feeding the starving masses who are short on time.

UBERT QS1 QUICK SERVE Multi Deck Hot Display

UBERT QS1 QUICK SERVE Multi Deck Hot Display

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UBERT QS1 QUICK SERVE Multi Deck Hot Display

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  • Illuminated sign top...
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  • Castor wheels...
  • Individual temperature adjustment to each shelf level...
  • Operating Temp (°C): +65...
  • WARRANTY: 12 months Parts and Labour...
  • Power: 6000 Watts; 20A...
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  • Nett Weight: 127kg...
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