Environmental Impact of Bottled Water


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Environmental Impact of Bottled v Tap Water Sparkling water made easy!

Bottled v Tap Water

The environmental impacts of tap and bottled water systems consistently show that bottling of water, transport, and disposal of bottles after use result in a wide range of adverse impacts that far exceed those linked to tap water.

What is clear is that a reduction in the consumption of bottled water would reduce consumer expenses and significantly benefit the environment.

Crystella Chilled Sparkling and Still Water Systems

Studies have shown that:

  • • Single-use bottled water systems consume 11-90 times more energy than tap systems, with longer transport distances resulting in the greatest differences.
  • • For long-haul delivery, transport dominates energy consumption. In general, the greater the transport distance, the greater the impact.
  • • Tap water systems yield lower carbon emissions than bottled water systems, and by similar margins to lower energy consumption.
  • • For locally sourced bottled water, bottle manufacturing dominates energy consumption.

NO ONE WANTS THIS! No one wants to see this happening!

• With bottled water systems, collection of discarded bottles for recycling and transport of bottles to landfills adds to energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions and other impact indicators.

The Crystella On Demand Chilled Sparkling and Still Water Systems offer an environmentally friendly solution which is suited to both hospitality businesses as well as office environments backed by Bromic’s 40 year expertise. As a bonus, typically these sparkling and still water systems are very well received by your customers.

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