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Desmon Modular Coolrooms & Freezer Rooms

Unlike other modular coolrooms on the market, the Desmon coolrooms are designed with unique male/female interlocking panels, meaning that you get a perfect seal every time.

In approximately 2 hours you can have your coolroom installed and ready for use. No need for on-site cutting of panels, silicone gaps and joints nor the use of screws or rivets is necessary.

Desmon coolrooms are modular in their design, this feature permits users to achieve an ideal match to their available space.

Expansion (to standard sizes) is achieved by adding floor/roof and wall panels of 300, 600, 900 or 1200 mm:

Desmon Modular Coolrooms & Freezer Rooms Desmon Modular Cold & Low Temperature Rooms

Chiller Motor | for Desmon Coolrooms CIBIN LAIKA series refrigeration systems

Chiller Motor | for Desmon Coolrooms

CIBIN LAIKA series is a refrigerating system that can be side mounted (fitted to cross over) to the Desmon Coldroom or Freezer Room range.

It has a monobloc structure that makes it possible to create a ready-to-use system that is simple to install and use.

Ultra Reliable
Easy to instal
Space saver
Made in Italy

Enviro friendly high-density polyurethane insulation panels

The Desmon Panels are Enviro friendly 80mm high-density polyurethane insulation which are also CFC & HCFC Free. Using polyurethane equates to a 20% reduction in running costs from standard run of the mill coolrooms currently available on the market. Panels made of polyurethane are more than 30% denser than polystyrene.

Polystyrene are the type of panels that have been used for coolroom construction forever but these days, sharp operators are all opting for enviro friendly polyurethane as they provide better insulation and give more efficiency on running costs.

You also can achieve more refrigerated storage space in the same floor area using polyurethane insulation panels, which at 80mm are slimline compared to 100mm or 150mm [in the case of low temperature rooms] using polystyrene panels. Every millimetre counts in a tight kitchen.

Another great benefit and why polyurethane panels are the smart chouce is that over time the traditional polystyrene panels absord water. This makes the refrigeration unit work much harder than designed to keep the room at the correct temperatures which ultimately costs you money.

SCK can arrange for a quote on any cold or low temperature room to suit your requirements, including remote motor locations and custom sizing.

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