Enhanced with ice!


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Enhanced with ice!

The correct ice enhances the quality of drinks and helps increase the value of each transaction in your venue. See this quick guide that demonstrates the different forms of ice available, what types of establishments they are best suited to.

There are many different forms of ice available, from solid cubes, either rounded or rectangle, to flake and nugget ice and each of these different types of ice is meant to meet and fulfill a specific requirement.

Each type of ice is produced by inherently different ice making machines and each of these types of machines differ in their daily production output.

There are many brands of commercial ice machines available in Australia and Icematic Ice Makers, imported by Scotsice Australia, are right up there with the best.

Icematic Ice Maker Ice Types

Nugget Cube - NU SERIES

Nugget ice cubes are made from compressed flakes of ice. The result: convenient micro-cubes for multiple uses, in place of standard cubes or as small, longlasting ice nuggets - hygienic and easy to use.

Ice Machines: Icematic NU Series Cube Weight: 1g / 5g

Perfect For: Fast Food Outlets, Hi-Volume Snack Bars, Pubs, Wine Bars and Night Clubs, Holiday Resorts and Cruise Vessels

Flake Ice - F SERIES

Flake Ice is ice in its most natural form, made at a temperature just below zero degrees Celsius, it is the easiest to use and arrange on flat surfaces. Flake ice contains 25% residual water content, making it very moist. Its flake shape makes it extremely versatile and very simple to use effectively. Water Content: 25%

Ice Machines: Icematic F Series

Perfect For: Lunch Venues, Restaurants and Hotels, Holiday Resorts and Cruise Vessels, Supermarkets, Fishmongers

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