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Drink Well With ProdjuiceProdjuice have just celebrated their 4th Birthday

Northern beaches based cold-pressed juice company Prodjuice have just celebrated their 4th Birthday. They began in 2013 as a tiny start up and grew from there to what has become one heck of an operation, pumping out 1000's of litres of juice per week to some of Sydney's largest hospitality groups (such as The Boathouse Group), working alongside some of the world's biggest brands & corporations as well as delivering juices, broths, tonics and cleanse programs out to many individuals across Sydney.

Their 5th year in operation looks to be even bigger with the launch of Prodjuice in Byron Bay and a new sister Broth brand - Brothl.

The beauty of broth is that it’s an easy way to absorb vitamins and minerals without having to resort to artificial supplements. These nutrients help us manage the stress of daily life and the protein content included in broth helps ease protein digestion and heals the gut lining in the process.

Brothl - The beauty of broth

Prodjuice's ethos is simple, to create a good quality product that is good for people's health and good for the earth at the same time. Each juice is pressed in small batches, each batch tasted & checked, then bottled lovingly by hand. Every single juice is made to order, so they are always fresh and nothing is ever wasted. Popular juice flavours include watermelon, raspberry + lime and mango, orange and passionfruit…with new blends being developed each season.

watermelon, raspberry + lime

What does exactly does cold-pressed mean?

Founder Anne Durham explains "The cold press process works using two large hydraulic plates which move together ever so slowly to gently press the juice from the fruit & vegetables. This gentle process allows the cellular structure of the fruit to remain intact. Leaving you with an extremely nutrient dense juice that is not only incredibly good for you, but tastes amazing too,""

A conscious company

Prodjuice is a company committed to sustainability, and proud to be able to package their cleanse programs in materials that are all 100% reusable + compostable. The juice, broth + tonic come in glass bottles and jars - glass being the healthiest material to drink from, and infinitely reusable. The cardboard boxes contain Woolcool, an ingenious, sustainable packaging which uses the natural insulation properties of wool fibre. Customers are encouraged to return their packaging which is then reused by the company.

They also donate the majority of their fruit & veg pulp to Avalon community garden. The pulp is then turned into the most incredible compost, which then supports the growth of new veggies for the local community to enjoy.

Find out more about Prodjuice at www.prodjuice.com.au

Prodjuice's customers also think the product is awesome, see these reviews

Amazing juice!! It's the freshest, best tasting juice i've ever had from a bottle!

Freshness packed in the bottles. Awesome customer service

ZUMEX VERSATILE-PRO Commercial Citrus Juicer

Prodjuice has been a customer of Sydney Commercial Kitchens since 2015. Our first introduction was when Prodjuice were seeking a new stock pot. Since that time we have sold them many items, including display fridges for their products in the marketplace.

For the orange juice that they make, Prodjuice are using a Zumex Versatile Pro, benchtop model, and it has never missed a beat since they purchased it.

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