Don't let your customers vote with their feet

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Tips to Survive a COVID world.

This week's fresh serve of tips from around the globe to help the Catering and Restaurant Industry survive a COVID world.

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'Vote with your feet' if venues not COVID-safe, Sutton says

Chief Health Officer Brett Sutton has urged Victorians to shun hospitality businesses that fail to record the contact details of customers or introduce infection control practices.

The call for patrons to demand restaurants, cafes and pubs follow coronavirus safety measures came as Melburnians embraced their freedom and rushed to dine out after restrictions were relaxed last week.

Professor Sutton said there were still "some challenges" in the hospitality sector, although most businesses were taking customers' details on paper or using digital QR codes.

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Vote with your feet Original story on

Online Ordering: A Business Survival Guide Original story and image on

Online Ordering: A Business Survival Guide

Accelerated by COVID-19, online ordering is a critical way for businesses like yours to meet customer needs. Do you have an online ordering solution that allows you to bypass third-party fees, control your brand (and more importantly, consumer) experience, and stay connected with customers off-premise?

Explore our online ordering survival guide for the latest on the state of this solution and how your business can benefit from it.

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Should You Think About Changing Your Restaurant Management Style?

Being a restaurant manager isn’t exactly an easy task. You’re dealing with schedules, good and bad employees, budgets, customers, and now a whole pandemic to top it all off. It’s a lot to take on.

One thing that you may stop and ask yourself from time to time is whether or not you are being an effective manager. Are you really reaching your employees or are they just blowing you off and talking negatively behind your back? Is there something you should be doing differently?

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Should You Think About Changing Your Restaurant Management Style Original story and image on

How to use your online order platforms to build a competitive edge Original story and image on

How to use your online order platforms to build a competitive edge

The upsurge in demand for online order platforms has created a new awareness of the value of retaining your own customer data

New generation platforms and apps designed to seamlessly integrate with your POS system/website enable you to capture and ‘own’ customer data

Captured data can also be used to help maximise your business efficiency

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