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DineSmart unites Aussie restaurants to fight homelessness

DineSmart has kicked off its annual campaign to raise money for Australia's homeless with the charity initiative calling on restaurants to join the cause and to help support their local community.

Now into its 16th year, the project runs from Wednesday November 21 to Monday December 31, and encourages restaurants to partner with diners to raise funds by adding a small donation to the bill.

DineSmart is hoping to raise $250,000 for homelessness projects around the country, like Orange Sky Laundry, HOMIE, The Street Socceroos, FareShare, Wear for Success, HOMIE, and Second Bite.

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DineSmart unites Aussie restaurants to fight homelessness Original story on foodservicenews.com.au

The world is running out of coffee Original story on timeout.com

The world is running out of coffee

Savour that silky flat white, because your daily coffee ritual is under threat. We don't mean to be alarmist, but it's predicted the world will run out of coffee by 2050 if we don't find a more sustainable way to grow the beans we've come to rely on.

Greg Meenahan, partnerships development director from non-profit institute World Coffee Research, explains,"Demand for coffee is expected to double by the year 2050," he says. "If nothing is done, more than half of the world’'s suitable coffee land will be pushed into unsuitability due to climate change,""

My Comment: As I understand it, for every coffee plantation that was lost is El Salvador, it is being replaced by new plantations in Peru. I hope that is true!

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The 3 Customers Your Restaurant Needs, and How to Find Them

The key to loyalty is understanding customer behaviors, and each can exhibit a different motivation.

During the first 15 years of the new millennium, fast casual was one of the food industry’s biggest success stories, experiencing 10 times the growth of fast food during the same period.

Restaurant owners now face the same challenge that their fast food brethren have dealt with for decades: finding new customers in a saturated market.

While many proprietors turn to marketing tactics like Groupon discounts to drive customer acquisition, this is rarely a long-term solution. The smarter move is to think smaller, because driving growth in repeat business is all about understanding the three different types of customers you need to reach.

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The 3 Customers Your Restaurant Needs Original story on qsrmagazine.com

Business doesn't have to be lonely! Original story on hospitalitymagazine.com.au

Business doesn't have to be lonely!

How to build support among industry peers

Creating a local group within your community is a sure-fire way to foster engagement and build links with like-minded professionals. Here are some tips to make business a little less lonely from Silver Chef’s Ken Burgin.

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