Desmon Coolrooms & Freezer Rooms

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Desmon produces a range of walk-in coolroomsand walk-in freezer rooms with more than 200 standard models. The range isbased on polyurethanepanels 80mm in thickness;within these lines it's possible to choose the product that best fits yourapplication: for capacity, dimensions, and or temperature range 0°+8°C to -10°-25°C.


They are modular and are produced withpanels of 80mm thickness. The range of models includes walk-in fridges from
- ,84m to 14m of capacity. The internal and external finish is manufactured withmetal sheet white skim-plated, ideal for alimentary ambience. The insulation ofthe modular panels is made with high density polyurethane, which is HCFC free.


The assembly is fast and easy due tothe integral locking system. The floor is plastic coated steel or in stainlesssteel Aisi 304 properly formed (anti-sliding) with radial internal corners.


See the youtube video on assembly andinstallation //


Installationis available in Sydney locations at reasonable prices, see our website fordetails.


Features & Benefits

  • 80 mm insulation - Great efficiency and strength
  • Modular panels - Easily assembled and disassembled (typically about 1 hour)
  • Four panel sizes, 300/600/900/1200 and corner section 130 x 430 - Flexibility in coldroom size and position of the door
  • 2360 mm heights
  • Double Action Camlock assembly/Panel interlocking - Perfect seal.
  • No screws or panel cover strip.
  • Floorless option available - Enables smooth access for trolleys etc..
  • Rounded corners and stainless steel non slip floor reinforced with stainless steel bars (available on request) –
  • Hygienic and easy to clean
  • Door with large push in gasket and heater - Perfect seal. Gasket replaceable. No door frame condensation or sticking
  • Stainless steel skirting board - Protects skirting adds to finish
  • Saddle type refrigeration unit - Can be positioned in any wall
  • 43 degree centigrade ambient - Will maintain temperatures in most environments
  • Pressure Relief Valve Fitted to freezer and refrigerator - No blowing of door


Proper for the maintenance of alimentaryproducts as cheese, meat, fruit, vegetable and frozen, but also of products asthe flowers or photographic material. They are manufactured with white plasticcoated steel panels and the insulation is made with high density polyurethanewithout CFC with thickness 80mm and 100mm; both for negative and positivetemperature.


The dimension of the panels is modularof 300 mm; the external height for the mini-cold rooms 80mm is 2360mm.


The standard dimension of the door is 710x 1900 mm. The door comes standard with the key lock and the safety handleinside.


Several accessories are available as,ramps hooking system, S/S shelves, wall glass and hinged glass doors.


The Desmon Coolrooms and freezer roomsare available in more than 200 different dimensions with widening module of 00mm (by panels of: 300-600-900-1200) , either about width or length


Floor is suitable for pedestrianshuffling. On request it is possible to manufacture walk-ins with reinforcedfloor or without floor to facilitate the entrance of trolleys.


Refrigeratedunit panel system


Desmon produces refrigeration systemswith a vertical mono-body and a carrying loom that doesn't clutter inside the cell,vacuum-sealed compressor, capillary expansion, copper condenser and evaporator witha finned aluminium package, electric automatic defrosting with a thermostat ofending defrosting and a device to evaporate the condensed water, thermostat,warning light, micro-switch (optional) placed on the door for the automaticturning off of fans and the switching on of the cell light, and electronic controlswitchboard.

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