Delivery, a double edged sword

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Delivery fees: The double-edged sword

Slashing restaurants already shaky profits.

Pre pandemic, restaurants were already potentially struggling with the high cost of fees associated with third party delivery apps. Move forward a few months and with deliveries now making up a major part of restaurants revenue the fees are crippling.

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Going Old School

Print Solutions for Restaurant Marketing

It's a new world for restaurant owners and managers. Having already adjusted to the rise of takeout and delivery, now restaurants are figuring out how to reopen for dine-in service while navigating social distancing and other health guidelines.

Marketing and communications has never been more important, but it has shifted: It's no longer just about marketing your establishment, but also communicating how your business is changing operations to help protect customers and employees.

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Introducing fomo

A free food specials and events app

Business builder Harken Holdings recently launched a food specials and events app called fomo. The app is intended to help both consumers find specials in their area, as well as restaurants, expand their reach outside of traditional in-store and own social media marketing.

The hospitality industry currently needs all the help it can get, and fomo aims to be a glimmer of hope for the restaurant industry. fomo is offering their service to restaurants for free so help establishments get back on their feet.

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The Secrets To Efficient Social Media Marketing

It's 2020. The whole world is online.

Within the past couple months, the restaurant industry made its biggest push ever into the digital world. With dining rooms closed, the only way for businesses to communicate with their customers was through the internet.

Social media is one of the most popular online channels. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are excellent ways to connect with your guests. An average user spends 2.5 hours on social media every day. That's a lot of screen time and a huge opportunity for your brand to come face to face with your consumers on a regular basis.

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