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Skipio By Experts, For Experts Skipio, By Experts, For Experts

Skipio Refrigeration

Each Skipio Refrigerated product that is manufactured is individually tested for up to 5 hours to ensure that their high quality is maintained.

Kitchens are where dream are made!

Skipio is there with you on your journey.

The SKIPIO Range

Glass Door Merchandisers

Built with double pane glass doors with low-e glass, reducing outer heat gain and lowering energy consumption; enhancing energy efficiency and minimising condensation. Harmonising curvature and rigidness, the modern style product designs are user-friendly while maintaining the highest product visibility and visual aesthetics.


SKIPIO reach-in refrigerator & freezers run on precise and constant temperatures. This level of precision is provided by a digital temperature control system, so food products can remain fresh over an extended period of time. SKIPIO boast a broad range of options; such as the location of compressors, glass/solid doors and number of doors on certain models.

Under Counter

Innovative, front breathing feature allows SKIPIO models to withstand tight formations to provide spatial efficiency for customers working with narrow spaces. Surfaces have been specially treated to prevent the overflow of condensate water. For faster cooling and greater efficiency, SKIPIO's under-counter series refrigerators are equipped with oversized and balanced (CFC Free R-134A) refrigeration systems.


Bright LED interior lighting for perfect visibility throughout the interior, and SKIPIO’s condensation coating which protects the product from condensation. SKIPIO’s range of under bar/back bar is made for those in need of efficient use of space for narrow environments.

Display Case

The modern style of harmonising curvature with rigidness spotlighted by bright LED lighting, SKIPIO display cases are designed for eye-catching displays and convenient access. Display cases made for refrigeration include perforated interior and exterior for improved airflow and preventing condensation on display glass. This range includes display cases for chocolate and sandwiches.

Why Skipio?

Hot Gas Condensate System

Through SKIPIO's creative innovation, the condensate system surfaces have been specially treated to resist corrosion. This not opnly increases efficiency without the risk of refrigerant leakage through corrosion, but also prevents the overflow of condensate water.

Efficient Refrigeration System

SKIPIO's refrigerators are designed with oversized and balanced refrigeration systems. These include efficient evaporators and condensers for faster cooling and greater efficiency.

Forced Air Cooling System

Fast cooling and balanced temperature throughout the cabinets.

LED Lighting Interior Display System

Fluorescent lights emit enormous amount of heat and consume excessive more energy. SKIPIO utilises bright LED interior lighting which is specifically designed for perfect visibility throughout the interior.

Magnetic Door Gaskets

Magnetic door gaskets are of one piece construction, removable without tools for ease of cleaning and replacement.

High Density Polyurethane Insulation

The entire cabinet is foamed-in-place using high density, CFC free polyurethane insulation.

SKIPIO have 70mm thick insulation for bottom and top, and 55mm thick insulation walls for sides.

Ergonomically Designed Doors

Easy grip handles and doors that open effortlessly along with self-closing doors makes SKIPIO the ultimate choice in customer convenience.

Front Breathing System

SKIPIO's innovative front breathing feature also allows their models to provide high efficiency in narrow and confined spaces.

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