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Startup Restauranteurs Find Willing Investors Via Crowdfunding

A report about to be published shows the restaurant industry is thriving and a contributing factor is the use of investment crowdfunding.

Restaurants have proven to be a good fit for investment crowdfunding. The report says,"In the first year of Reg CF, 22 early restaurant adopters jumped into the funding space. This number doubled to 45 by the third year. A 205% growth in just 2 years. This year the industry is on target to fund 84 restaurants. With an inflection point coming, we believe 400 restaurants per year will seek funding by 2024,""

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Baby boomers want more food delivery Original story and image on

Baby boomers want more food delivery

New research from the National Restaurant Association shows that 51% of baby boomers want to order food delivery more often than they do now, reports to Restaurant Business. This compares with 43% of millennials.

Forty-two percent of millennials also expressed a desire to dine on-premise more often, compared to 38% of baby boomers. Gen-Xers have an even stronger interest in dining on-premise (47%) while 49% prefer off-premise.

Overall, 49% of consumers said they want more off-premise restaurant meals, whether via takeout or delivery, compared to 42% who said they want more dine-in occasions.

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Dedicated Branding is Critical

Why Dedicated Branding is Critical to Restaurants

There are endless ways to incorporate promotional products into a restaurant brand's overall marketing strategy.

When it comes to restaurants, there's a lot to a name. First impressions are formed within 10 seconds of encountering a brand, but 45 percent of people will unfollow a company on social media if they feel they're being overtly self-promotional. It's clear that time to make an impact is brief, but the way to maintain that reach is also a fine art.

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Mastercard's advice to marketers Original story on

What your brand sounds like

Mastercard's advice to marketers.

CMO Raja Rajamannar has a message for fellow marketers out there: It's time to figure out what your brand sounds and tastes like. The chief marketing and communications officer at Mastercard was at Advertising Week New York this week to discuss the company's new sonic branding and other forays into the five senses, particularly taste.

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