Crisp and crunchy

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Crisp and crunchy

Crunchy and light dishes are ideal for when the warmer months roll around. And with the Christmas season just 4 months away is it time to upgrade your commercial kitchen deep fryer now so that you have time to work on and nail your menu?

A deep fryer (also referred to as a deep fat fryer), is a kitchen appliance used for deep frying. Deep frying is a method of cooking by submerging food into oil at high heat.

Like all cooking processes, the art of deep frying is a science. This science is actually quite simple: when the oil is hot enough, the surface of the food will cook instantly, forming a seal that the fat will not penetrate. At the same time, the moisture inside the food is converted to steam, which cooks the food from the surface inwards. Typically this process is done at oil temperatures of between 175'C and 190'C.

Blue Seal Evolution

The Blue Seal Evolution Series is available in 450 or 600mm single or twin pan versions. This range of deep fryers incorporate patented infra-red burners to increase frying output, while the specialised blower system pushes greater volumes of air through the ceramic fibre burners – offering superior recovery.

Digital controls offer precise temperature control to ensure results are consistent and cooked to a high quality every time. Its V-tank with cool zone design keeps the risk of tainted oil to a minimum as larger food particles sink rather than burning at the top.

Blue Seal Evolution

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