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Cookon just keeps cooking on Cookon Deep Fryers & Cookon.KB Oil Filters

Cookon Ovens

Gas heavy duty with a choice of 4, 6 or 8 burners and either a static or convection oven range below. The choice is yours!

With heavy duty cast iron trivets, high/low simmer controls to each burner, oven thermostat control to 340°C, piezo ignition to oven, stainless steel external panels, stainless steel oven interior, 2 chrome shelves and side racks, adjustable front legs, rear castors, cantilever heavy duty stainless steel drop down door.

The units design allows for different cooking options to be incorporated on the top which gives the option between; all open burners, all griddle, combination or open burners and griddle and flame failure to open burners.

Ovens ...

Cookon Ovens

Char and High Performance Grills

High Performance Grills

The Cookon CRG High Performance Grill is one of their flagship products. It's been developed over many years working with some of Australia's top steakhouses to put the power and flavour of fire into a gas grill. It's a great all-rounder for any pub, club, hotel, bar or café that takes pride in the quality of its char-grilled food. With regular cleaning and maintenance, these robust grills will last forever. We've developed a range to suit any kind of commercial kitchen – from the smallest width (600) to the widest (1800), there is a CRG High Performance Grill option for everyone.

Why is it SPECIAL?

A substantially larger ratio of burners to grill width than our near competitors provides a perfectly even temperature across the entire cooking surface.
Two controllers + main gives infinite control over each individual burner.
Stainless steel radiants are set in a one piece frame for ease of cleaning.
Cookon named their burner the "Lone Star burner" because it was designed for the Lone Star steak houses and is the most efficient burner for use on a char grill.

Char Grills ...

High Performance Deep Fryers

The thick hand-welded stainless steel ripple tray bottom of the Cookon deep fryer pans delivers twice the surface area of heated stainless steel, requiring less gas to heat the oil. Many of our users are telling us that using Cookon has saved them 50% more gas than the market leaders. They deliver high performance with huge savings and are user friendly.

Cookon's experience over decades of product development has resulted in a range of commercial deep fryer units that offer longevity, fast recovery rates and a 10 year warranty on the stainless steel pans. What more peace of mind does a hard-working kitchen need? That is cooking efficiency!

Don’t forget, if you have a fryer, you may also need one of our COOKON KB OIL FILTER MACHINES. Prolong the life of your oil by another 50%!

Deep Fryers ...

High Performance Deep Fryers

Kaybee Oil Filters

Kaybee Oil Filters

KayBee oil filter machines (now branded cookon.kb and made at Cookon) are the best machines money can buy and pay for themselves in no time.

It doesn’t take much for cooking oil to spoil, affecting not only your food, but the efficiency of your kitchen, and cost of your supplies.

By using a cookon.kb oil filtration system, you can clean your oil, extending its lifespan and increasing the quality of your produce.

KB Oil Filter ...

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