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Cookon, it works as hard as we do! Cookon, it works as hard as we do!

Since 1971, Cookon has never given up on building quality. They haven't turned to offshore production, where a lack of care for robustness and longevity might undermine the confidence of people who have come to swear by our products.

"Cookon, it works as hard as we do!"

Nick Baker, Executive Sous Chef and Alexander Bartkowiak, Head Chef

The Charming Squire, Southbank, Brisbane

Cookon just keeps cooking on

Cookon has been built incredibly tough, with heavy-duty parts and materials. This means that Cookon just keeps cooking on. There are Cookon units still in use today that have been going strong for over 25 years. This means they offer possibly the lowest cost per year of ownership in the market. All Cookon products are backed with an industry-beating 3 year warranty.

A solid reputation and reliability

Cookon have worked with culinary experts in Australia for over 40 years. This is evident in designing and building cooking equipment to suit high-performance kitchens. Much has changed over that time, but Cookon's commitment to Australian-made quality has been unwavering. Cookon are convinced that their solid reputation for reliability has been forged by keeping our manufacturing in-house, and our customers satisfied. Cookon are here whenever you need them.

Efficiency for hard working kitchens

Cookon products don't just look good in your kitchen – they are smart too. Designed with years of experience for high performance, superior control and energy efficiency, Cookon has become the intelligent choice for hardworking kitchens.

Indestrucible build

Cookon take such care in design and build, one of their customers has even called these products "indestructible"! Just look at the internal welds and you can see the difference. The Cookon hand-welded seam is designed to hold two surfaces together permanently.


Whether your Cookon products are custom-made or straight from the catalogue range, you can trust that all Cookon products are designed and crafted with practicality in mind. 'Well-designed' means easy to install, brilliant to work with, and easy to keep clean. Cookon will be working with you, not against you.

Custom made / bespoke

Cookon is sought after for form as well as function by chefs and owners of high-end restaurants around the country and overseas. Many of our customers demand spectacular, unique equipment which becomes a focal point in their business. Our solutions become part of their “performance” in cooking. We invite you to ask about the stunning cooking equipment we've tailored for top restaurants over the years. If you can imagine it, we can build it.

Remarkable service

Because of the Cookon quality, service technicians rarely get called out, but if a repair is needed, help is just a phone call away. Being in Australia, response is quick, and there is no long waiting for parts delivered from overseas.

Chefs, hoteliers and restauranteurs responsible for hardworking, high-volume kitchens rely on Cookon – "the indestructible Australian,""

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