Cooking oil prices are going through the roof

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Cooking oil prices are going through the roof

KayBee Oil Filter Machines

Using a Kaybee Oil Filter daily will extend the life of your oil by up to 50%, effectively halving the cost of your oil. Add safe handling, ease of cleaning, low ownership cost and rapid return on investment, and it’s a no-brainer.

The Kaybee fryer filter machine series is the safe, easy, mobile deep fryer oil filter for your commercial kitchen! Double the life of your oil, save at least 50% on your oil costs and save labour costs with the very best oil filtration system on the market!

Safety: No manual handling of hot oil = safer processes and safer staff

Easy to use: Minimal training required = can be operated by anyone

No Lifting: No buckets, decanting equipment or lifting required

No storage issues: Compact and it wheels in under counter

Doubles the life of your oil = HUGE $$ SAVINGS IN OIL COSTS

Offers unmatched return on investment: Just calculate the $ amount you spend on oil per month then divide that by 2 and that’s how much you’ll save with a KayBee!

Filter and replace your oil in one, single, smooth and SAFE process with a sturdy mobile Cookon KayBee deep fryer filter machine and reduce the risks associated with manual handling of hot oil.

The Cookon KayBee commercial fryer oil filter is mobile, so it’s easy to wheel around. It also allows you to transfer oil from one fryer to another fryer, or from your fryer to the waste receptacle in a single, smooth safe motion. No power points? No problem. We offer battery-operated models and Cookon’s Kaybee conveniently stores under a standard height kitchen bench.

There is no lifting in and out of hot oil required, no heavy buckets so no injuries related to these activities. The Cookon oil filtration system takes your oil through TWO filtering stages, ensuring all crumbs and solids are removed.

Manufactured in 2mm 304 stainless steel and carrying a 3 year parts and labour warranty, you cannot go past the famous, reliable and long-lasting Cookon KayBee oil filter.

If your business relies on quality deep fried food, get the best, forget the rest, and move to the easy, reliable, SAFE option! We sell filter papers too, also reputedly the best in the market. 

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