Commercial Upright Refrigerated Cabinets

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Commercial upright refrigeration cabinets can be either Fridges or Freezers and models typically have either glass or solid doors.

Glass doors fridges and freezers are used to display products, either food or drinks to customers. Sometimes chefs also prefer glass door refigeration in their kitchens as they can easily see which items need replenishing without having to open the doors.

Solid door fridges are also known as foodservice cabinets and are available with shelves or slides for storing gastronorm pans.

While there are over 50 brands of refrigeration available in Australia and the list is still growing our preference here at SCK is to sell you a Skope cabinet. Skope are the acknowledged market leaders in Australia.

Why choose SKOPE?

  • •International reputation for innovative design and manufacturing excellence
  • •The largest design facility of its type in Australasia
  • •Superior levels of performance
  • •A complete range to satisfy all industry sectors
  • •Market leading, energy efficient developments
  • •Energy Efficiency, Skope continue to lead the way in developing greater energy efficient solutions for their products.
  • •Skope patented Cyclone refrigeration technology delivers excellent refrigeration results and maximum energy efficiencies, using only CFC-free refrigerants.
  • •All products are MEPS tested and rated for their energy performance standards.

Skope Chiller Cabinets

SKOPE Chiller Operating temperatures are 2-4°C which means that food and beverage safety standards are not compromised.

Skope Freezers Cabinets

Skope Freezers are rated -18 to -21 degrees. All latent heat is removed from products at -18°C degrees allowing for minimum degradation of the product during storage. Again, food and beverage safety standards are not compromised.

Peace of mind warranty

Skope believe in their products performance ability and are supported by a 2 year parts and labour warranty. An affordable 3rd year extended warranty is available for $190 for fridges and $250 for freezers.

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Our goal at SCK is to sell you products that add value to your business.

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