Commercial Under Bench Dishwashers

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Commercial under bench dishwashers are also known as under counter dishwashers. Typically they are floor mounted and located under a stainless steel wet bench in the dishwashing area of your kitchen.

Commercial under bench dishwashers differ from the domestic counterparts in several areas, most notably the length of wash cycle. Also, most domestic dishwashers require a cold water feed and then they heat the water internally for use in the washing cycles. This then is why the cycle times of domestic dishwashers is much longer than that of commercial dishwasher units.

The speed of commercial units also requires a higher power input so make sure that you have the additional power available for use in your kitchen.

Things to look for

When buying or replacing an undercounter dishwasher there are several factors to consider. A good under counter dishwasher will save you money and help save the environment as well.

Water Consumption – gone are the days when dishwashers use 7 or more litres per wash cycle. These days you should expect your dishwasher to use between 2.5 to 3.5 litres per cycle, reducing the demand on your hot water service. Make sure that you buy a re-circulating style dishwasher, every manufacturer has one available.

Detergent – the less water the dishwasher uses the less the requirement for detergents, also saving you money.

Power Requirements – most under bench dishwashers require 15 amps single phase power supply. If you are replacing an older model dishwasher you will need to check because many only needed 10 amps previously. An electrician will be required to upgrade the power supply.

Hot Water Supply – all under counter dishwashers come with a flexible pipe to attach to your hot water supply. Generally these pipes are about 1 metre in length.

Drainage – Careful consideration should be given to the plumbing requirement of your premises. Under bench dishwashers come in two styles - gravity drain or drain pump. Many premises are unsuitable for gravity drain dishwashers. Check with your plumber which style dishwasher is suitable for your premises.

Sanitising – Currently dishwashers are required to have a low temperature cutout switch. Until the water has reached the required temperature for the rinse cycle the dishwasher will continue to wash. Some people, rather than employing an electrician, simply cut off the existing 15 amp plug and replace it with a new 10 amp plug. If you do this your dishwasher will never worked properly and you run the risk of voiding your warranty.

Dimensions – not all new under bench dishwashers fit under the standard bench top height of 900 mm. This is because there is normally a 50 mm profile edge so your dishwasher should have a height of less than 850 mm. If in doubt check your measurements with your stainless steel provider.

Stands – some manufacturers have stainless steel stands that can be purchased as an optional extra to raise the height of the dishwasher to a more user friendly work height. These stands can also be custom made.

If your dishwasher does not have a drain pump fitted, care should be taken when using a stand as the water can self drain out of the machine during the wash cycle, with potential damage to the units wash pump from lack of water.

Who uses Commercial Dishwashers

Restaurants, café’s, clubs, take-aways, offices, canteens, school canteens, hospitality classes, kindergartens, child day care facilities, hospitals, nursing homes.

Brands of Under Counter Dishwashers in Australia

Sydney Commercial Kitchens are able to supply dishwashers from the following brands Washtech, Eswood, Fagor, Electrolux, Hobart, Eurowash, Norris, Rhima, Meiko, Sammic, Winterhalter.

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