Commercial Refrigeration Energy Saving Tips

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Commercial Refrigeration Energy Saving Tips Original article from Williams Refrigeration

At last count there are over 80 refrigeration supply companies operating in Australia. So how do you sort out the men from the boys, so to speak.

And, it doesn't matter whether you are building an empire or just replacing a badly performing refrigeration cabinet in your business, the choices should be much the same.

Your refrigeration is on 24 hours a day, so it's important to ensure it's running as efficiently as possible. Here are Williams' Greenlogic tips to minimise the consumption and running costs of your equipment.

Buying Choices

By selecting energy-saving models when buying new equipment you will have the potential to save on electricity costs for the life of the machine. Typically, next to wages your ongoing electricity bills are pretty much the next biggest expense in running your business.

I have seen takeaway businesses that spend thousands of dollars on electricity every month, and the cost of electricity is always going up. It is scary but not all is lost, provided you know what to look for. Here is a list:

  • • Choose equipment with intelligent controllers that detect changing situations, keeping energy use to a minimum during quiet periods.
  • • A controller with an advanced energy saving function ensures the evaporator works more efficiently – increasing performance and economy.
  • • Consider having drawers or half doors instead of full doors – they save energy because only the relevant part of the cabinet is accessed.
  • • Better insulation will save energy and make the refrigeration more efficient. It should be high quality, high density polyurethane, at least 75mm thick.
  • • If possible, select a refrigerator designed for the product you are storing and set at the optimal operating temperature.
  • • Always choose cabinets with self-closing doors or drawers and good quality gaskets that give a tight seal.

In the Kitchen

  • • Lowering the ambient temperature of the kitchen will provide significant energy savings. The hotter it is the harder the refrigeration has to work.
  • • Good ventilation will increase efficiency and maximise working life, so make sure there's adequate space all around the equipment.
  • • Avoid placing refrigeration next to prime cooking equipment as the heat will affect efficiency.
  • • Always choose cabinets with self-closing doors or drawers and good quality gaskets that give a tight seal.

Every Little Bit Counts

  • • Keep doors closed whenever possible. Never prop a door open.
  • • Keep your fridge or freezer as full as possible. The emptier the cabinet is, the harder the equipment has to work to maintain temperature...
  • • Don't overfill the cabinet as it may block the airflow.
  • • Stack products evenly and be aware of load limit levels for maximum airflow. Always choose cabinets with self-closing doors or drawers and good quality gaskets that give a tight seal.

Preventing Problems

A little bit of love goes a long way, and maintaining and cleaning your products on a regular basis will help get the best results from that product.

  • • Always follow the manufacturer's maintenance recommendations.
  • • Establish regular cleaning schedules for all fridges and freezers and keep to those times.
  • • Use a reputable service company to maintain equipment regularly.
  • • A regular maintenance programme [called a preventative maintenance program] will reduce the risk of breakdown and maximise the equipment's working life.
  • • Check door gaskets/seals and clean them regularly.
  • • Check self-closing doors are working properly.

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