Commercial Refrigeration

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Typically, the refrigeration units in commercial refrigerated cabinets run 24 hours per day. As a result of this, commercial refrigeration are a substantial energy user. Often little consideration is given to its energy efficiency, operating costs or environmental impact. The energy costs of refrigeration plant can be reduced by around 40% through adoption of best energy efficient equipment and techniques.

Supermarkets and other food retailers often have open refrigeration units for ease of customer access. Enclosing refrigeration units with glass doors, which customers can easily open, can reduce refrigeration loads by as much as 68% according to laboratory testing. This can save significant amounts of energy as around half of the energy usage in a supermarket is for refrigeration.

Skope Refrigeration

Skope is the leading brand of commercial refrigeration in Australia and New Zealand.

A SKOPE cabinet made today can use around 70% less energy than one that was made 10 years ago.

Skope's B Series, B600-2 and B1200-2 models both include fuzzy logic. This electronic controller learns everything about your business operation style, including opening hours and closing times over a 21 day period. The units then automatically adjust their operating style to suit your business. Approximately 1 hour after you close, the fridge automatically switches to economy mode, only turning back on to commercial mode 1 hour before standard opening times. The amount of savings, especially on electricity usage will be significant over the life of the fridge.

Skope's VF Freezer range is also coming equipped with similar electronic controllers.

Energy efficiency is a key component in the design and production of all SKOPE products. The small but more powerful, higher performing fan motors used in our refrigeration cabinets result in outstanding chilling and maximum energy efficiency.

A sustainable future

Skope's glass merchandisers are all MEPS (Minimum Energy Performance Standards) tested.

MEPS establish standards for energy performance that products must meet or exceed before they can be sold to consumers in New Zealand and Australia. MEPS are regularly reviewed in consultation with industry to ensure they keep pace with advances in technology.

Skope take great pride in their commitment to reduce the energy their products consume, and to lessen the carbon footprint they place on the environment.

For SKOPE, this dedication to environmental sustainability also means implementing best environmental practice methods in their own production plant. “Greening” their own backyard is an area they are continuously developing through recycling programmes, reduction in water, electricity and LPG consumption, and cutting back on solid waste.

You can depend on Skope to provide your business with commercial refrigeration products that will significantly reduce your impact on the environment.


Refrigerated display cabinets manufactured in or imported into Australia and New Zealand must comply with Minimum Energy Performance (MEPS) requirements which are set out in AS 1731.14-2003. The scope of commercial refrigeration MEPS includes both remote and self-contained refrigerated display cabinets primarily used in commercial applications for the storage of frozen and unfrozen food.

The standard also defines minimum efficiency levels for “High Efficiency” refrigerated display cabinets. Only products which meet the specified efficiency levels can apply this term to promotional or advertising materials.

The Minimum Energy Performance Standards (MEPS) for commercial refrigeration are set out in AS 1731.14-2003 as total energy consumption per total display area (TEC/TDA) in kWh/day/square metre for various unit types.

MEPS Levels

When measured in accordance with AS 1731.9 and AS 1731.12 the energy consumption of a remote or self contained refrigerated cabinet shall not exceed that specified. Click to see the MEPS chart.

You can also search by Brand or Model number for specific MEPS rating information on all commercial refrigeration cabinets sold in Australia & New Zealand.

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