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Baron Queen7 New Look Baron Queen7 New Look

Baron Queen7 a New Look

The new look line of 700mm deep commercial cooking equipment from Baron is just on the horizon, making its official launch to the Australian market in 2020. The same quality and reliability you have come to expect from Baron, now with the aesthetics to match.

For those who cannot do without the quality and sturdiness of a Queen kitchen, Series 7 offers 700 mm depth and a smaller footprint, thus fitting into any room, burners available in various configurations and power ratings and a stylish Scotch-Brite finish.

"Queen7, the most compact and versatile solution for every workspace"

The fully-modular design offers exceptional compositional choice: you can combine various kitchen models with lower ovens and cabinets along with a wide array of accessories, offering outstanding solutions that always provide the perfect answer to a chef’s needs.

As a complete guarantee, every piece of equipment used to create a Queen7 kitchen has a certificate of conformance to international standards, including CE, GAR, AGA and others.

Baron Queen7 New Look

Baron Queen700 features:

  • • 15/10 worktop thickness
  • • Stainless steel, Scotch-Brite finish
  • • Sturdy and powerful with compact design
  • • Depth of 700 mm means it will fit the most common configurations
  • • Catalogue offers more than 300 standard models
  • • Worktop, base cabinet, base cabinet with doors and oven versions
  • • Twin-piece knobs prevent the infiltration of dirt and are watertight
  • • Gas kitchens having burners with various configurations and power ratings
  • • Wide range of accessories

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