Collaboration is on the menu

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Doing Rounds of The Kitchen Table

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Collaboration is on the menu

From food halls to ghost kitchens, collaboration is on the menu for grocers and restaurants.

While both can siphon dollars from the other, the right partnerships could boost operational efficiencies, drive brand awareness and elevate food offerings.

Restaurants and grocers are competing fiercely for meal dollars across their physical and digital channels. But some companies are finding it pays to get along. Instead of duking it out, they're leaning on each other's core strengths to try and offer shoppers the best grocery and meal experience possible.

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High-end restaurants are lining up Original story on

High-end restaurants are lining up

Indigenous community starts harvesting red bush apple that has high-end restaurants lining up.

On a humid afternoon near the Arnhem Land community of Maningrida, one of the world's best chefs bites into a fresh red bush apple, known locally as djarduk.

His name is Ben Shewry, the chef and owner of Attica in Melbourne, a restaurant with a three-month waiting list that prides itself on sourcing and cooking rare and unique Australian ingredients.

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Mental health 'Top Bloke' event

Warrnambool's Clovelly restaurant will host mental health 'Top Bloke' event.

"For blokes it can be really hard to say something. We put on this front of being tough. But that's not true; we're no different to anyone else, we just have trouble expressing ourselves".

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Food Waste Audits Help Restaurants Original story on

Food Waste Audits Help Restaurants Fight Waste and Hunger

Did you know the largest component of most commercial waste streams is organics?

A large chunk of that is wasted food. A nationwide survey of over 100 commercial waste audits conducted by Great Forest has revealed that organics comprise an average of 34 percent of what’s tossed in the trash.

The EPA reports food waste accounts for 22 percent of all waste in landfills.

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