Coffee is good for you!

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Coffee is good for you! Here are some health benefits of drinking coffee

Do this. Don't do this!

Everytime you turn around, or pick up something to read the 'nay sayers' are there ready to pounce with more bad news.

As it happens, I like coffee, so I am choosing to accept these findings as the definitive source. I do not intend to look for other findings.

Researchers have discovered that coffee-drinkers may derive health benefits from their buzzy beverage of choice. The benefits of coffee drinking include:

  • • Lower risk of death
  • • Lower risk of liver disease (cirrhosis)
  • • Less dementia and better memory recall in older adults
  • • Better focus
  • • Reduced risk of depression and fewer instances of suicide
  • • Improved heart health
  • • Better teamwork, and even more positive feelings about contributions to group discussions
  • • Fewer arrhythmias for people with irregular heartbeats
  • • Additional research suggests drinking coffee may even lower your risk of developing certain kinds of cancer, such as endometrial (uterus), prostate, liver, mouth, throat, and breast cancer.

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