Coffee in a Donut Cup

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Doing Rounds of The Kitchen Table

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Coffee in a donut cup

MOVE over cappuccinos and flat whites, kooky coffee blends are on the rise with everything from brews with Milo and coffee jelly to lattes in a doughnut.

Kenilworth Bakery in the Sunshine Coast hinterland has scored an international hit with their coffee in a doughnut, selling 100 a day in just the first week on the market.

The sweet creation – a donut hollowed out to hold a smooth, sweet hazelnut chocolate paste then filled with either coffee or hot chocolate – has attracted hundreds of customers.

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How seafood can help you boost profits this summer Watch video at

How seafood can help you boost profits this summer

Original story 08 December, 2017 by Madeline Woolway

Seafood is a summer menu must-have. From informing your staff to considering a range of different options, this week’s best practice is full of tips that will help you boost profits.

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Why Restaurants Need Mobile Apps: 12 HUGE Benefits

The number of valid reasons small businesses can offer up for not having a mobile app decrease each year. And if it is fear or apathy that are holding you back, you should ask yourself what fear and apathy have done for your business so far. By now, you should be quite familiar with many of the statistics relating to smartphones and internet usage:

In business you are told to "know your customer", and this extends to understanding their behaviour. So if they are using their smartphones as their main device, shouldn't you be on it? Making it easier for them to engage with you? The benefits of building your own mobile app for your restaurant far outweigh any perceived disadvantages. And in this article, we will look at 12 ways a mobile app can increase business in your restaurant.

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30 Under 30 Original story on

30 Under 30

foodservice magazine's inaugural 30 Under 30 program is dedicated to recognising and celebrating the best and brightest young foodservice professionals working in Australia today.

Open to chefs, innovators, entrepreneurs, restaurant managers, assistant managers, waiters, sommeliers, and bartenders aged 30 or under, we are looking for the young guns who are striving for excellence and shaping the future of the industry.

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Using A Combi Oven, Vacuum Sealer & Blast Chiller Will Change The Way You Cook ...

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