Coffee Fever

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Coffee refers to a tree that is able to grow in almost any type of climate. All that it requires is rich soil, adequate rain and shaded sun. The Arabs were the first to grow coffee as well as to trade it. Today, coffee is grown all around in Asia, Africa, South America as well as islands of the Pacific and Caribbean.The process of getting coffee begins from the coffee seed. This is planted and then the fruit known as coffee cherry, is harvested. It is usually harvested by hand. It can either be strip harvested or selectively picked. In strip harvesting, all the cherries are picked up while in selective picking, only the ripe cherries are picked. Next, the processing is done either through the wet or dry method. Now the beans are separated as per the size. Then they are put in large fermentation tanks. These pulped and fermented beans are then put for drying in order to prepare them for storage. At each stage, the coffee is tasted in order to grade it accordingly. The green coffee is roasted in order to transform it into aromatic coffee beans and then ground.In order to prepare a perfect cup of coffee, buy whole or ground coffee that is in a sealed bag. It needs to be stored in a cool and dry place. Next, in case the coffee is not ground, use a coffee grinder to grind it. Grind only the amount that you are going to use at that time. Use absolutely clean equipment to prepare the brew. Make use of filtered water in order to prepare coffee. You would need around 2 ounces of coffee for 6 ounces of water. In case of a coarse grind, longer brewing time will be required.Various methods can be used in order to brew the coffee. These include the steeping method, drip filtration, concoction, percolation, vacuum filtration, besides pressurized fusion. Before pouring the coffee into the cup, it is better to warm it. This can be done by pouring some warm water into the cup and letting it sit there for some time before throwing it away. Start consuming your coffee immediately after pouring it.In order to enjoy coffee, it is vital that it is always stored in a tight foil. If it absorbs moisture or odor, then the smell and taste of coffee will go away.You may enjoy your coffee hot or cold. But in order to get the perfect aroma, you need to brew 100 grams of coffee powder in 150 cc of water at a temperature of 90 degrees Celsius. Next, you may add water as per taste. You may add milk or cream to it. This will not deter the taste. Having 2 to 3 cups of coffee a day is alright. It is better to avoid having coffee at bedtime as that may affect your sleep.A wide variety is available in coffee machine . You may choose manual, semi automatic, fully automatic or super automatic depending on your needs.Article by Maya at Diva Coffee

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