Christmas is On its Way. Are You Ready?

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Christmas Is On Its Way. Are You Ready?

Christmas is On its Way. Are you ready?

It's getting alot like Christmas.

This week I saw my first house lit up like the Griswolds.

Been to my first Christmas Party.

I noticed the shopping centres are starting to push the boundaries, trying to sell me all manner of Christmas fare, in early November

Just in case you have not noticed even the TVs & Youtube want to flog Christmas to us.

Some of the Christmas ads overseas are amazing.

My kids always like to catch John Lewis ad They spend bucket loads of money on this. What do you think?

John Lewis Christmas Advert 2016 - #BusterTheBoxer

I like this one because taking the mickey out of John Lewis ads. I a lot cheaper ad.

Aldi Christmas 2016 - Kevin the Carrot watches John Lewis

Sainsbury's OFFICIAL Christmas advert 2016 -The Greatest Gift

If you can stomach it, they even have Christmas Greatest ads.

Top Christmas Adverts 2016 - Christmas Adverts John Lewis 2016

19:46 mins of world best Christmas ads.

They must have dropped the ball & were getting desperate because at 17:30 Curtis Stone wants us to spend A Coles Christmas with them. Production & Storyline are not a patch on the other ads from around the world.

What happened to down down down?

In comparison, our ads are just lame.

Ok. So I guess you get it Christmas is On its Way.

Are you ready for Christmas?

Are you sure?

As they say,"Make hay while the sun shines,""

People love getting out sharing a meal & drink or two, on a hot steamy Summer day.

Thinks of all the opportunities Christmas Brings.

One of the biggest challenges facing restaurants at this time is trying to get quality produce at a reasonable cost, without having to sell your kids to make the downpayment for your seafood orders.

Do you want to save time & money and work smarter, serving better tasting food?

If this sounds like an appealing concept, then you should be looking at Cooking's Triple Threat.

UNOX Cheftop Combi Oven

So when you combine a Combi Oven & Blast Chiller, you now do all your week's prep work in a day. Then put in the Blast Chiller which gently brings the temperature down to safe level quickly. So then all you have to do is use the regeneration feature. Your can serve your food within minutes. Your Food will taste more juicier than conventional cooking.

If you want to produce fast quality food your customers will beg for more. Then you need to consider getting a Combi Oven & Blast Chiller.

Once you get a Combi Oven & Blast Chiller you Kitchen you will never be the same. You will get more delicious food out quicker.

Use less protein because your Combi Oven pre-programed smart Cooking recipes will adjust temperature and humidity in your oven. So you get less shrinkage.

So you will be cutting your protein shrinkage in half. This means the money you spend on food goes a bit farther than it would with a regular convection oven...

Recently we performed a demonstration using a shock freezer to freeze strawberries and oysters. When we later returned these items to room temperature, the strawberries and oysters were in perfect condition. Something that wouldn't have been possible without a blast chiller.

Food, once cooked needs to be eaten or sold with 24 hours, according to the food code. Using a Blast Chillers and Freezers gives you the advantage of extending the shelf life on products to between 3-5 days, depending on the product.

One of the greatest savings, in this case, is on staffing. Blast chilling enables you to utilise your staff better to produce more in batches, rather than on the daily requirements of your establishment.

I know of chefs in clubs reducing the food wastage to almost zero by using blast chilling and combining that with portion control through vacuum sealing. Now, who wouldn't want that result?

At Sydney Commercial Kitchen We believe So strongly every commercial kitchen should have a Combi Oven & Blast Chiller We installed 2 downstairs.

UNOX XEVC-0711-E1R ChefTop Mind Maps ONE Series 7 Tray Electric Combi Oven, UNOX ChefTop XEVHC-HC11 Hood with Steam Condensor and an IRINOX EF 20.1 Multi Fresh 20 Kg Blast Chiller Shock Freezer

A UNOX XEVC-0711-E1R ChefTop Mind Maps ONE Series 7 Tray Electric Combi Oven, UNOX ChefTop XEVHC-HC11 Hood with Steam Condensor and an IRINOX EF 20.1 Multi Fresh 20 Kg Blast Chiller Shock Freezer

We even organised UNOX Demonstration chef to come over and run them through their paces.

UNOX Combi Oven Cooking Demo

So why not come & join us at the Combi Oven Cooking Demo, come & watch & learn how these work tools will change the way cook. Eventbrite - UNOX Combi Oven Cooking Demonstration

Warriewood, NSW | Sydney Commercial Kitchens Tuesday, November 29, 2016, from 5:30 PM to 8:30 PM

Seeing is believing...

Combi Ovens have evolved into an irreplaceable tool in many commercial kitchens around the world. They now feature Touch Screen controls, store hundreds of pre-programmed recipes So your commercial kitchen will save on your electricity bills, your food bills and your cost of wages.

You know I have had some people Say "I’d like to come, But I think $20 is a bit expensive,"" The reason we are charging $20 is not to get rich. Far from that, We realise if offered this for free most would not even consider it.

My Daughter is doing A Hairdressing apprenticeship. She just did a 1 day Wella Course, this cost over $300. You might be thinking Hang on don't Wella want them to use their products, so should they give you the course for nothing. The head trainer told the class. "Out of the 1,000’s of apprenticeship only 50 paid to learn these extra techniques,"" The classes are booked out, and they run them every month.

See Wella undersatnd if they don't pay then, they won't value the content they are getting.

So why not Invest $20 Learning how using a Combi Oven will save you time & money and help you work smarter, so you serve better-tasting food?

I know it getting busy, and I want you to come to Our UnOX Combi Oven Cooking Demo, So I twisted UNOX Arm

They have agreed to pay for the first 5 people who are keen to see what a Combi Oven & Blast chiller will do make your Christmas rush, just a pleasant thought.

So When you book your spot to come to UnOX Combi Oven Cooking Demo, just add this coupon code when you register & get it for Free, Pay Nothing Nada.

How does that sound?

Oh I almost forgot here’s the code UNOXCCD

So go ahead pop the code in. So what are you waiting for?

See you there.

I look to catching with on the night & hearing what you think, over a beer.

Come along to UNOX Combi Oven Demonstration


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