Choosing the right Coffee Grinder

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Choosing the right Coffee Grinder

Choosing the right Coffee Grinder Factors to consider when buying a new Coffee Grinder

Factors to consider when purchasing a new Coffee Grinder

When investing in a new Coffee Grinder for your business it can be a complicated task.

Before you start you will need to know the answers to at least these questions!

What grinder will best suit my business?
Will that grinder accommodate future growth?
Is your business coffee focused?
Or is it to cater to a select clientele and compliment your other options?
What are you currently using?
What are servicing costs like?
Are parts available if needed?

1. How many kilos are you doing a day or week? Are you doing 1-2 kilos, 5-10, 20-30 or 30+ a week. Research what options you have as if you are doing 30+ kilos a week, then investing in a 1-2 kilo a day Coffee Grinder won't work with your business' high demand for coffee.

2. Don't focus on price. Just because it appears cheaper than another brand or model doesn't mean get that it can get the job done. Are parts and service is readily available?

3. Ease of use. Will your staff be able to easily use the grinder or will it be something they may struggle to get used to?

Try before you buy!

While there are many grinder brands available in the marketplace, the advantage in seeing one working or even using one in a showroom will help you in deciding what you need.

Boema, an Australian manufacturer of Coffee machinery for restaurants, coffeee shops and cafe's since 1956, have a range of Eureka Coffee Grinders available to try in their showroom.

The Mignon which is for a 500g- 1 kilo a day suitable for a home use or office grinder,
The Eureka 60E available in lever and on demand and suitable for 1-2 kilos a day,
The Eureka Mythos with Titanium blades and Built in Tamper which is suitable for 20+ kilos a day.

Room for Grow!

When looking at coffee grinders you should always consider is there room for growth in your business. If you are currently doing 3 kilos a day but know you can grow it to 6 or even 10 kilos then don't be afraid to look to the future as this will save having to purchase another grinder later. If you can build this growth, then you will achieve your return on investment on this coffee grinder faster.

The correct Grinder will add value to your business

Speed, quality and consistency is everything when making great coffee for your customers. The right grinder you can increase your business by being able to perform when it matters, your peak periods.

Make sure the grinder you buy can do simple things like grinder and dose adjustments, which are necessary throughout service. Remember, the grind always changes as it is a variable.

As a whole don't be afraid to look at your options, try a few grinders to see what one you like and will suit your business. Understand the product you are buying, don't be afraid to invest for future growth and don't always focus on the price.

"When life gives you lemons, trade them for coffee"

Anonymous - Barista Life

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