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Doing Rounds of The Kitchen Table

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Forget chefs behaving badly, here's why nice chefs are in vogue

Passion, egos and fiery attitudes have long been part of kitchen culture, and even celebrated thanks to the likes of feisty celebrity chefs such as Gordon Ramsay. But the days of hard-nosed silverback chefs bossing staff into submission are fading as a new generation drives a cultural revolution in the kitchen.

According to those driving it, the rise of the 'nice chef' is about good management, open communication and above all, creating enjoyable workplaces. And in the fiercely competitive market for kitchen staff, a good management style is not only an important recruitment tool but also key to keeping staff, says Saint Peter owner Josh Niland.

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Winning the warOriginal story on

What the Australian food industry is doing to fight the war on plastic

Image of Hugh Whitehead and Chris Welsh of Geelong's Little Green Corner.

With an estimated 1 billion plastic-lined takeaway coffee cups used in Australia annually, the ubiquitous drinking vessel has become the pin-up boy of our disposable society.

Some cafes are choosing to fight back by joining schemes like Responsible Cafes (customers bringing in their own cup enjoy discounted coffee) or switching to compostible cups. Others are simply reacting by not using takeaway cups at all.

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5 hospitality trends in 2 minutes

5 trends every operator needs to know

Keeping up with trends can be hard work. Here, Profitable Hospitality’s Ken Burgin reveals the latest trends that will help you stay ahead and improve your business.

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5 trends every operator needs to knowOriginal story on

beachside pub The CollaroyOriginal story on

Merivale kicks open the doors to beachside pub The Collaroy

Hospitality group, Merivale, has launched its latest venue on the Northern Beaches, The Collaroy.

The second, Northern Beaches establishment following The Newport in March 2016, the new refurbished waterfront pub takes inspiration from the coastal stretch it looks out on to.

In keeping with the philosophy of The Collaroy, executive chef Jordan Toft has created a menu that is "simple and elegant for a community that loves the sun, surf and sand".

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