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Restaurants And The Changing Dynamics Of Their Menus

The best thing about the hospitality industry is one can’t predict what’s coming next.

In recent years, the Restaurant industry has become more complex and a busy space. There is a clear demarcation in consumer demographics i.e., there are consumers who are get attracted towards the fancy ambience, exotic dishes and do not think twice paying a bomb and on the other side extremely price sensitive ones seeking value for money products.

Restaurant menu prices reflect the restaurant strategies and target demographic. Whether you run a busy diner, casual cafe, or upscale bistro, knowing how to price a menu for a restaurant is a must-have skill.

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Restaurant Marketing Ideas: 22 Tips from the Experts Original story and image on

Restaurant Marketing Ideas: 22 Tips from the Experts

Author: Dave Eagle - Categories: Restaurant Management

We talk a lot here about marketing ideas for all kinds of businesses. Since many of our customers are restaurateurs, we’ll often focus on that industry specifically. We don’t claim to be experts on hospitality, but we know digital marketing.

So with this post, we're going to return the favor. We’re going right to the experts for restaurant marketing advice, and then we'll use our marketing expertise to back up what they're saying. You're welcome, experts.

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New Mover Marketing

The Critical Competitive Advantage Helping Restaurants Win Hearts and Minds

We are creatures of habit. If you’re a caffeine junkie, you probably go to the same coffeehouse every day, rather than trying new ones every other day or so.

That can be a scary concept if you’re a restaurant owner looking to win over more customers. It isn’t enough to offer wonderful food.

But if you really want to win over loyal customers, an easier approach is to focus on your potential customers who haven’t yet aligned themselves with your competitors.

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How to Deal With Negative Marketing Original story and image on

How to Deal With Negative Marketing

Like 'Scores on doors' negative social media comments impact on potential customers desire to eat at your establishment.

In the age of mobile advertising and social media, it is impossible to stop bad news from spreading.

Both of these factors are the reason why a small misunderstanding can turn into a management crisis for an organization. For small and medium-sized businesses, a bad reputation can have a significant impact on business turnover.

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