Cambro Camwear Food Pans are perfect for your business

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Cambro Camwear Food Pans

Designed to Perform

For generations, Cambro has been committed to designing food storage products that simplify processes, improve efficiency and assist in producing profitable results for kitchen professionals worldwide.

Like you, we continue to adapt to the evolving world around us, without losing sight of our commitment to quality. As you take a “fresh” look at the work flow and functionality of your kitchen, Cambro is ready to help you achieve the efficiency and return on investment you desire and deserve.

More than 250 Food Pan options

Our goal is to help you protect your investments from receiving to table with the most trustworthy food storage products in the industry. We invite you to discover a complete array of Cambro food pan options that improve labor efficiency, maintain safe temperatures, extend shelf life and reduce food waste.

They’re Durable

Cambro food pans are made from commercial food grade, durable materials that maintain their shape without cracking, bending or denting—even under heavy use.

  • Corners and edges stay smooth, reducing the risk of injury that can occur with metal pans.
  • Precise molding and design ensure safe stacking during storage; pans do not stick or wedge together.
  • Unlike metal pans that bend over time, Cambro food pans sit level on refrigerated drawers, prep and steam tables with corners that stay flat keeping cold, heat or steam from escaping through gaps. This prevents costly energy resources from going to waste.

They’re Effective

Cambro clear (polycarbonate) and translucent (polypropylene) food pans allow for easy identification of food items and keep products just as cold as metal for just as long with less condensation.

  • Contents are easy to identify from a distance and from any angle when stored in walk-in or reach-in, promoting efficient inventory control and management.
  • Designed to Gastronorm GN specifications, with a large radius base to reduce food waste.
  • Unlike metal food covers, plastic or aluminum wrap, Seal Covers feature an inner seal that helps retain freshness in both raw ingredients and prepared foods, therefore further optimizing shelf life. Seal Covers also provide superior spill resistance when used for transporting.

They’re Proven

In commercial environments, higher quality food storage products are a sound investment. The trick to maximizing shelf life is to control the food’s environment as much as possible by keeping out air, additional moisture and microbial cross-contamination.

Third party laboratory and field tests have shown that when used properly with a Cambro Food Pan, Cambro Seal Covers can extend the shelf life of produce up to three days beyond storage with disposable wraps, foils or no cover at all.


There’s a Pan for Your Application

Cambro offers more than 250 food pan options in a range of sizes, designs, colors and materials with lids to support virtually any application. With so many possibilities, you’ll want to consider assessing your food preparation and service flow to help you identify the best product for your application. A Cambro Storage Specialist can help.

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Cambro Camwear Food Pans

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