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Cali Press – "A Great Little Gem"

Cali Press have 5 cafes dotted around Sydney (Bondi, Bronte, Coogee, Double Bay and Surry Hills). They offer a selection of fresh, cold pressed juices daily as well as the ultimate cleanse experience from their detox juices. They also offer a range of premium quality, organic wholefoods and snacks.

Cali Press was the result of a conversation amongst friends in the surf one afternoon. The idea quickly escalated into a life changing series of events with the now Cali Press team quitting their jobs and setting about becoming full time cold pressed juicers. The idea was to create the best possible cold pressed juice with the goal of bringing better health to peoples lives through juice, smoothies and wholefoods. The name Cali Press comes from our love and nostalgia for Golden California and its fun and natural way of clean living.


We create what we believe are Sydney’s best cold pressed juices that are essentially raw fruit and vegetables in a bottle. Cali Press will stay true to offering organic as we know the body benefits the most from produce free of harmful chemicals, toxins and pesticides.


Here at Cali Press we know our stuff, but we’re realistic about the challenges involved in balancing fun and looking after your health. With this in mind, we aim to provide accessible healthy and delicious products including Cold Pressed Juice, Superfood Smoothies, Coffee and Wholefoods.


With today’s busy lifestyle, we all need fast access to premium quality health foods. Cali Press can be delivered to your office, your front door or can be bought in any of our cafe locations around Sydney. Their menus are innovative, nutritious and original at the same time as being very tasty, and all bring healthier options to the Sydney food scene.

Handcrafted Cold Pressed Juice

From metabolic boosters to rich anti-oxidant detoxifiers, our 100% raw, organic cold pressed juices are essentially raw fruit and vegetables in a bottle. We apply a complete cold chain thus ensuring maximum retention of the vitamins, minerals and enzymes extracted from the organic produce.

Our market leading juice cleanses are designed to cleanse and detoxify while maintaining a healthy lifestyle. You can reset and rejuvenate your system by ordering a juice cleanse delivery in Sydney!

The reviews speak for themselves:

Cali Press has been a great customer of Sydney Commercial Kitchens for the last 3 years. We have supplied equipment to their production kitchen in Alexandria and their various Sydney cafes.

Some of the equipment we have supplied to Cali Press:

So do yourself a favour and pop in to one of the Cali Press cafes and "live clean, live large, love life!"

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