Brema Ice Machines

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Ice-making since 1985.

Brema ice machine range

Since 1985 Brema have been making ice with constant care and attention to detail. Ice-making is their passion. It is also a commitment to their customers, who must always be provided with optimal, timely solutions for all their needs.

Brema design and manufacture machines according to the highest standards. So, they use the best materials and the most advanced technologies. A crucial factor, however, is their highly qualified team, whose members constantly upgrade their skills and know-how.

Brema ice machine range

This means constant effort and research, in order to more fully understand and anticipate the developments of the market and produce constantly upgraded product ranges by adding new products year after year.

Quality with no compromises

Every machine represents a challenge – quality without compromise and full customer satisfaction, even beyond his own expectations. Customer input is vitally important for Brema and they monitor feedback daily by means of the most modern communication systems.

They also organise in-house training courses for our customers at our Villa Cortese offices. These meetings are an occasion for them to get to know their customers and compare notes on respective experiences and tasks.

Quality cut in the ice

The machines manufactured by Brema Ice Makers are extremely reliable, functional and safe. International certification of Brema Ice Makers products includes the UNI EN ISO 9001:2000 standard and the CE mark.

Following IMQ (Istituto Italiano del Marchio di Qualità) conformity mark approval, the entire range of ice-makers has received approval from all European and non-European certifications bodies.

As proof of Brema’s quality across the world, its products have also obtained the following approvals: NSF, ETL Listed Mark, ETL Sanitation Mark, GOST, KTL, IRAM, the Swiss Safety Mark, HACCP e C-TICK. Brema’s attestations also include BSI (OHSAS) 18001:1999 workplace and workforce safety certification.

The ice test

All Brema products, from concept through to the finished product, are manufactured for efficiency. Efficiency criteria include energy and water saving performance ratings and ease of cleaning and maintenance.

The manufacturing process is carefully monitored. Materials and components are selected in full conformity with project specifications. The later stages are monitored by means of a computerised system that records the results and frequency of all intermediate machine tests.

The data is included in the control document accompanying the machine right up to the final inspection certification stage.

Ice in all shapes and sizes

Brema ice shapes

Ice Cube: the cold taste of flavour

With its simple, elegant form and crystalline purity Ice Cube is the most frequently requested ice. You’ll find Ice Cube fans all over the world.

Ice Cube is a sophisticated product that makes every drink special, while its discreet cooling action enhances the flavour of the drink.

Ice Cube machines are equipped with broad-section metal sprayers designed for ease of disassembly, providing a liberal flow capable of dealing with very hard waters.

The production cycles are regulated by a thermostat and internal timer.


CB series
Fresh Maker, IW45 & DSS42

Fast-ice: for all enjoyable breaks

Fast-ice is instant cool. It‘s small, and its light structure means it‘s quick to make, and quick-acting too. It‘s perfect for fizzy drinks – a must for bars and fast-food outlets.

Fast-ice makers are equipped with a vertical evaporator. One by one, the cubes fall off, perfectly separate from each other and of equal size.

Fast-acting, the machine is double-mode (“full” and “economy”) for optimal consumption levels and energy saving efficiency.



Ice finger: a touch of freshness

The very special, fascinating form of Ice Finger is more than just looks – the broad surface of this highly functional ice format is designed to cool drinks thoroughly and for a long time. Flavoursome, right down to the last drop!

Ice Finger is produced by means of refrigerating stalks immersed in a water vessel.

Ice Flakes: or exibition ice...

For fruit and fresh foods, Ice Flakes makes all the difference. It looks good, thanks to its versatility, and tastes good, thanks to its freshness.

As a practical cooling medium, Ice Flakes also has great potential for use in the pharmaceutical industry and scientific labs in general.

The flakes are produced by machines that can be installed anywhere. The mechanism is simple. Costs are low. The machine is also designed for speedy maintenance operations.


GB series

Pebbles Ice – Multi purpose ice

The main characteristic is its shape: a compromise between the cube and granular ice, with a low consumption, both electrical and in water. This is the ideal ice throughout the day, from the daylight up to night time!

Great for breakfast: makes cheeses, fruits and yogurt look more welcoming.

At midmorning it is served with fruit juices and beverages.

At lunch and dinner, it is together crustaceans, fish and salads.

During the Happy Hour it appears between the appetizers, cools wine & champagne bottles.

Finally, all night long, it will attend you through bars, discos cooling your cocktails.


TB series

Extruded Ice

Brema have also realised machines for the production of pebbles ice, obtained through a simple coupling between the screw and extruder, all installed on a strong structure stainless steel made. This simplicity ensures low costs and very fast maintenance. Always attentive to the needs of their customers, they have created these machines in both modular and self-contained versions, making them suitable for installation in any environment.

Cold flakes: long term cold.

Cold Flakes ice sets at -5°C and -10°C. Flake thickness ranges from 1.5 mm to 3 mm. The flakes are very cold, with considerable staying power.

Cold Flakes is ideal for the food industry (fish, dairy products, meat cutting, baking firms, etc.) and for the chemicals industry.

The machines are flexible and can be put to various uses. The flexible format makes for efficiency at all times, even in high ambient temperature conditions. The compressor is airtight (for the larger machines, semi-airtight).

The designers of Brema Ice Makers, using high-tech instruments, find the ‘made-to-measure’ solution, while observing all the relevent international standards while ensuring lower electricity and water consumption.

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