Blue Seal Evolution Series

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How do you improve something whose reputation is already grounded in performance and no-nonsense functionality?

You evolve it. Because there is always a way to do it better.

The Blue Seal Evolution Series is the next stage in a journey of continuous improvement. Sleeker in design, and built to accommodate the demands of today's most passionate chef's, it promises even more performance than anything before it.


The result is an expanded, more functional range of equipment offering more configuration options and blistering performance. Improved streamlining creates a continuous workspace when units are placed in a line-up, while 812mm of depth gives plenty of cooking area, even when you are forced to push culinary frontiers from the confines of a small kitchen.

If you can't stand the heat, turn it up.
Every chef could use a little more heat, so a new Advanced Open Burner has been designed to deliver just that – 28MJ of power to burn. For optimum performance with all pan sizes, precise controls offer a full range of heat settings within a compact flame. Made from cast iron for lasting performance, burners have a forged brass cap for consistent flame spread. A non-clogging design ensures optimum burner performance.

Evolution – It's not just about good looks.
When your working day is an endless juggle of cooking instruments, you and your wrists will be glad of a flatter, more streamlined surface on which you can effortlessly slide pots and pans from one unit to another.

A heart of steel.
Heavy gauge 304 grade stainless steel is the cladding of choice for all units in the Blue Seal Evolution Series. All ranges are constructed on a full galvanised steel chassis, while fully framed drop down doors are fitted with a heavy-duty hinge system for a lifetime of operation.
A trio of Griddles.
The addition of 600, 900 and 1200mm dedicated Griddles offers new possibilities for customising your Blue Seal Evolution Series line-up. A standard, thermostatically controlled 20mm plate offers excellent heat retention and distribution. The mirror chrome surface option provides exceptional efficiency by trapping more heat onto the cooking surface.

Would you like a fridge with that?
Forget walking to the fridge every time – the Blue Seal Evolution Series' flexibility has made way for you to fit refrigeration units where you need them – so you can do your thing without leaving your station. Match your Cooktop, Griddle or Target Top with a 900 or 1200mm gastronorm refrigerated base, available in a range of door/drawer combinations. All units accepts 1/1 gastronorm sizing. Refrigeration units are rated for tropical temperatures up to 40°C and have a holding temperature of -2°C  to +8°C . A digital temperature control and condensate heater are standard on all units.

Life's too short to clean.
The Blue Seal Evolution Series has been redesigned to enhance creativity and reduce cleaning time. Rounded internal and external edges make wipe down and hygiene control easier. More streamlined surfaces make the effortless cleaning of an entire cooking line.

Service while you cook.
The range has been designed so full service and maintenance can be carried out without removing a unit from the cooking line. The need to shut down a whole line to service one unit is minimised, allowing chefs to keep on cooking.

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